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SMOKE - The Convenient Truth [1st place Worlds Best Presentation Contest] by Empowered Presentations

This presentation is statistics about the cigarette industry and how it is affecting the people, teens, environment, and the world. @empoweredpres

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SMOKE - The Convenient Truth [1st place Worlds Best Presentation Contest] by Empowered Presentations

  1. sm ke TheConvenientTruth
  2. 1.1 There are billion in the world today. smokers
  3. and if current trends continue
  4. billion that number is 1.6 by the year 2025. increase TO expected to
  5. 3oomillion china is home to smokers
  6. who consume approximately
  7. cigarettes a year, 1.7trillion
  8. or...
  9. cigarettes a minute. 3million
  10. Worldwide. 1Omillion
  11. are sold each day, 15billion
  12. 5trillionare produced and used and upwards of on an annual basis.
  13. 5 trillion cigarette filters weigh approximately
  14. 48o,538Bugatti Veyrons,
  15. 25
  16. 25,ooosemi trucks,
  17. 2,5oo747s,
  18. 1ocargo ships...or
  19. billionpounds!2
  20. It's estimated that trillions of filters,
  21. filled with toxic chemicals from tobacco smoke,
  22. make their way into our environment as
  23. discarded waste yearly.
  24. While they may look like
  25. white cotton,
  26. cigarette filters are made OF A PLASTIC called of very thin fibers
  27. cellulose acetate.
  28. A cigarette filter can take between
  29. to decompose. 18 months and 1o years
  30. A typical manufactured approximately cigarette contains
  31. 8 or 9 milligrams OF NICOTINE,
  32. while the nicotine content of a cigar is
  33. 1oo to 2oo milligrams,
  34. with some as high as
  35. 4oo milligrams.
  36. four or five cigarettes to There is enough nicotine in
  37. kill an average adult if ingested whole.
  38. Whale Vomitis one of the hundreds Ambergris, otherwise known as of possible additives used in manufactured cigarettes.
  39. Radioactive lead are both present in low levels in cigarette smoke. and polonium
  40. hydrogen cyanide, one of the toxic byproducts present in cigarette smoke,
  41. genocidal chemical agent was used as a during World War ll.
  42. 5oSecondhand smoke cancer-causing chemical compounds, contains more than
  43. 11of which are known to be group 1 carcinogens.
  44. Kids are still picking up smoking at the alarming rate of
  45. in the U.S., 3,oooaday
  46. 8o,oooand 1oo,oooa day worldwide. to
  47. 1 in 5 teens age 13 to 15
  48. smoke cigarettes.
  49. Half of all long-term smokers
  50. will die a tobacco-related death.
  51. Every...
  52. eight...
  53. seconds,
  54. A HUMAN
  55. life is lost
  56. to tobacco USE
  57. somewhere
  58. in the world.
  59. That translates to approximately
  60. 5milliondeaths annually.
  61. Tobacco use is expected to claim
  62. the population of the United states
  63. 3x the population of the United states
  64. one billion livesthis century
  65. unless serious anti-smoking efforts are made on a
  66. globallevel.
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