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An evening with querydsl


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Published in: Technology
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An evening with querydsl

  1. 1. An evening with Querydsl Central PA Java Developers Mike Melusky @mrjavascript
  2. 2. About the Speaker  Michael Melusky  Java / Spring / JetBrains enthusiast  Software Engineer for Audacious Inquiry in Baltimore, MD (  Professor at Penn State University  Instructor at ITT Technical Institute
  3. 3. What is Querydsl?  Querydsl is a query framework for Java which generates type safe queries across multiple platforms  JPA  JDO  JDBC  Lucene  Hibernate Search (HQL)  MongoDB  Collections  RDFBean
  4. 4. What is Querydsl?  With a domain model changing type-safety yields to benefits with software development  Domain changes are reflected in queries  Autocomplete in query construction makes query construction faster and safer  This project was originally started by the Mysema company (Helsinki, Finland) out of the need to maintain HQL queries in a type-safe way  Requires string concatenation  Hard to read code  Unsafe references to domain types and properties via Strings
  5. 5. Hasn’t this been done before?  JOOQ  Free for open source databases  MyBatis  Yank  JDBI
  6. 6. Sample Application  Bookstore Application  Data Model:  Book (bookName, isbn, author)  Author (authorName)
  7. 7. Sample Application  Java 8  Spring Boot 1.2.5  Gradle  Code will be available on after this meeting.