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Historiography - Advanced Higher History essay

Historiography - Advanced Higher History essay

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Historiography - Advanced Higher History essay

  1. 1. @mrmarrhistory
  2. 2. Historiography Advanced Higher History essays must include relevant reference to the views of historians (historiography) • You should begin reading and researching as soon you start the course • Historiography should be blended into your essay – don’t just include a section at the end of the essay • You should aim to include at least 3/4 views in each essay • Minimum standard: “Some historians have argued…”
  3. 3. Writing historiography There are two main ways to write historiography: • Direct quotes Use “quote marks” to present the historian’s argument (this should only be done for reasonably short passages) • Paraphrasing Summarise the historian’s argument using your own words e.g. Detlev Peukert suggests that…
  4. 4. Writing historiography There are different ways that you might present your historiography: • ‘Drop in’ Simply describe a historian’s view (this could agree with your analysis e.g. “Sally Marks supports this view”) • Reasons Describe a historian’s view and outline their reasons/evidence for arguing this • Comparison Show issues where historians agree or disagree (and explain reasons for this)
  5. 5. Historiography examples Suggested reading for Advanced Higher History (for the Germany 1918-1939 topic): • Martin Collier (Germany 1919-1945) • Geoff Layton (The Third Reich 1933-1945) • Chris Hinton and John Hite (Weimar and Nazi Germany) • Michael Burleigh (The Third Reich: A New History) • A.J. Nicholls (Weimar and the Rise of Hitler) • Evans and Jenkins (Weimar, Third Reich & post-war Germany) • Detlev Peukert (The Weimar Republic; Inside Nazi Germany) • Finlay McKichan (Germany 1815-1939: The Rise of Nationalism)

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Historiography - Advanced Higher History essay


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