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Karen L.

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Karen L.

  1. 1. My Journey From 1970- 1979
  2. 2. My dad and I went to go see Mark Spitz win seven gold medals at the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany.
  3. 3. My Family and I went to go watch Grease when it first came out.
  4. 4. My family and I supported Earth Day, we watched Gay Pride marches on T.V.
  5. 5. May 4, 1970 Four students were killed at Kent State University in Ohio. National Guardsmen shot them during anti-war demonstrations. I was 12 years old. My sister’s friend was one of those killed. It was a very sad moment to see.
  6. 6. Our CAR My friends and I would take road trips. My dad, mom, brothers and sisters would go to many places.
  7. 7. My favorite book to read were All the President's Men - Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward The Culture of Narcissism : American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations by  Christopher Lasch The Hite Report : A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality - Shere Hite   I'm OK, You're OK - Thomas A. Harris   Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach I Love to read books!!!
  8. 8. Fads Mood rings Rubik's cube I loved to try to get each side to match on the Rubik’s cube. How are you today?
  9. 9. smiley face lava lamps How are you? Need a nightlight?
  10. 10. Sea Monkeys pet rocks Oh, man how I loved my pet rock  Sea Monkey’s…
  11. 11. Yeah, I loved to go out and party! This is Cindy, I took of picture of her during lunchtime.
  12. 12. I loved this show (Longstreet) in the early '70s about a blind detective. The Mork & Mindy Show Zoom, how I liked this show.
  13. 13. The wildest fad surely was streaking nude through very public places!   Families vacationed in station wagons and everyone wanted an RV.