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ACHPER QR Code Activity


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A Simple 10 Code

Published in: Education
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ACHPER QR Code Activity

  1. 1. LocationWhat Kind of Roomhas no Windows orIf I was made into a 2man, Id make peopledream. I gather inmy millions byocean, sea andstream. What am I?The more you take 3the more you leavebehind. What Am I
  2. 2. LocationPlace the left ear on 4the left shoulder thenextending the leftarm like a trunk of anelephant, draw aninfinity sign. Switcharms aftercompleting 5 ofthese.Who Am I. I dig out 5tiny caves, and storegold and silver inthem. I also makebridges of silver andmake crowns of gold.Who Am I? If you 6give me food I willthrive. If you give mewater I will die.
  3. 3. LocationWatch the following video and 7replicate. did you go?Watch the following video and 8replicate completed move ontoWatch the following video and 9try them out.
  4. 4. Hula Hoop active for 5 seconds. 10Good luck.