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Techo sept.5


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Techo sept.5

  1. 1. Monday, September 5th, 2011
  2. 2. Shopping Massages It’s great to be selfish sometimes.Fine dining Parties
  3. 3. Dessert
  4. 4.’s about helping others.
  5. 5. TIRED
  6. 6. 3 days Di rty
  7. 7. 3days
  8. 8. Lifetime
  9. 9. Lifetime Lifetim e 3days
  10. 10. Que asco, a No estoy con la, I feel sooo mis patas. sucio. This weekend, it’s not about us, it’s about helping others. Es que, no O sea, dondepodia dormir, puedo hacer misteeeer! pipi?
  11. 11. THANK YOU!
  12. 12. 12th Grade: (19) 11th Grade: (35) 10th Grade: (23) 1.ALVAREZ Elena Luisa1.ALBA Cody 2.ARNOVITZ Nicholas 1.AYRES Camila2.Alvarez Santiago 3.BRESCIA Caterina 2.CARRILLO Arianne3.Bae Alice 4.CALVI Vicenzo 3.CHAVEZ-MOLINA Vasco 5.CARRIQUIRY Alessia 4.CUGLIEVAN Danika4.Dandanell Erik 6.CHAPMAN Josie5.ESPARZA Alessa 7.CHON Heechae 5.DE OSMA Camelia6.FORT Celine 8.CORDOVA Adriana 6.ESPINOZA Christian7.FRANCO Samantha 9.DANDANELL Hannah 7.FERREIRO Camila 10.DE LOSADA Ernesto 8.FRANCO Olivia8.GONZAGA Maria Isabel 11.DE MEDEIROS Jessica9.GONZALES Juanita 12.FERREIRA Natania 9.Gavonel Ale10.HARDING Tinsa 13.GARCIA Fiorella 10.Hancock Patrick11.HO Samantha 14.Daniela Garzon 11.HERRERA Rocky 15.GAVIDIA Daniel 12.HOEFSLOOT Joan Elise12.JARAMILLO Paula 16.GONZAGA Maria Rita13.Kim Joon 17.GONZALES Andres 13.LASSUS Adriana14.MUSSO Cristina 18.HIBON Ana Sofia 14.MARTINEZ Marimi 19.JACKSON Camille 15.MORALES Tamara15.SACCHI Arianna 20.LECHIN Florencia16.SANTA CRUZ Maria Gracia 16.MULDER Cristina 21.LEE Aimie17.Silva Gaby 22.LEE Seoung Joo 17.RAMAN Shalini18.Smith Alexander 23.MAZZOTI Antonella 18.REGIDOR Matias 24.ODIAGA Jose Ignacio 19.REY Maria Marta19.Sousa Alejandro 25.PASTOR Tato 26.PHILCO Alexandra 20.SANCHEZ-CARRION Catalina 27.PINTO Antonio 21.SANTA CRUZ Paloma 28.ROMERO Natalia 22.VILLAGOMEZ Tania 29.SALOMON Sebastian 23.WALKER Robert 30.SCAMARONE Franco 31.SILVA LOLAS Cayetana 32.Silva Daniella 33.VIGNATI  Marianella 34.VOHRA  Sheba 35.Vidaurrazaga, Juan Diego
  13. 13. We Build TogetherWhat you MUST bring: • - Sleeping bag • - Hammer • - Gloves to work in • - Screwdriver • - Something to eat that you will share the first night • - Plate, cup for soup, glass to drink out of, silverware • - Insurance card if you have one • - Medicine just in caseRecommendations: • - A warm sweatshirt and jacket for the cold nights • - Work clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty • - Hat • - Sunblock • - Insect repellent • - Baby wipes • - Si en tu casa tienes: Pala, Pico, Cinta Métrica, Pabilo • - You can bring your cell phone, but you should not be using it throughout the day while we’re building. Tell your parents you will call them at night before you go to bed, and then they can tuck you in with a lullaby.
  14. 14. We Build TogetherVIDEO • Cabinet members will make a video at the end of the build • Please send pictures and video that you take to Saso
  15. 15. We Build TogetherTO DO LIST: • Come to the meeting tomorrow after school in the Little Theater from 3:30-5:30 • Buy supplies • Get homework from teachers ahead of time • PACK!! • Get prepared for the experience of a lifetime!!