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How to install a Word Press plugins


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A short tutorial on how to load a wordpress plugin

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How to install a Word Press plugins

  1. WordPress Plugins How to Install
  2. WordPress Plugins Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress.
  3. WordPress Plugins Plugins offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to their specific needs.
  4. WordPress Plugins Use a Free download manager to keep your plugin files organized.
  5. WordPress Plugins Use a Free Zip program to unzip your wordpress plugins
  6. WordPress Plugins Get Organized Crete a folder called Blogs on your hard drive then create another folder called Plugins
  7. WordPress Plugins Download your new plugin and unzip into your Blogs/Plugin Folder
  8. WordPress Plugins Fire up your FTP program
  9. WordPress Plugins Your Server Click on wp-content to access your content folders
  10. WordPress Plugins Your Server Click on plugins to access your plugin folder
  11. WordPress Plugins Drag and drop your plugin from your computer to your plugin folder Your Hosts Computer Your Computer
  12. WordPress Plugins Login to your Wordpress Admin pannel
  13. WordPress Plugins Go to your Plugin menu
  14. WordPress Plugins Click on Activate to make your plugin live
  15. WordPress Plugins Many plugins have their own administration page so make sure you read the instructions.
  16. WordPress Plugins Some plugins also have a folder and a separate php file. Make sure you upload both.
  17. WordPress Plugins Example Adding 1 Pixel Audio Plugin www.1pixelout. net/
  18. WordPress Plugins Many plugins just require a snipet of code to work.
  19. WordPress Plugins Example Adding Audio to your post Create a folder on your host called audio
  20. WordPress Plugins Example Upload your mp3 file to this audio folder. For how to create audio files with free audio editing software visit:
  21. WordPress Plugins Example Now all you have to do is add a simple code snipet to make the plugin work on pages or posts. [audio:name_of_mp3_file.mp3]
  22. WordPress Plugins You can also adjust the colors of the player in the admin section under the option tab
  23. WordPress Plugins The Secret to getting plugins to work best for you is to read the instructions and any posts.
  24. WordPress Plugins For more great WordPresss tutorials visit: