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Adolescent Behavioural Problems


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Presented on "Adolescent Behavioural Problems" during my 3rd semester as part of the Communication Skills course.

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Adolescent Behavioural Problems

  1. 1. Muhammad Bilal Anjum
  2. 2. •Transitional state between childhood to adulthood.
  3. 3. Mental growth Changes taking place Sexual changes New Ideals Critical thinking
  4. 4. Most Common Problems:
  5. 5. . Reaction of Parents /Friends • Reaction is different in different levels of society. •Try to establish their writ. •Impose restrictions. •Some parents leave their children on their own. •Take their child to a doctor
  6. 6. Leave your child on his own. Over restrict his activities. Be sarcastic. FOR PARENTS
  7. 7. FOR PARENTS Be Patient. Change your parenting skills . Consult a doctor if necessary.