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Naming months in a calendar

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Naming months in a calendar

  1. 1. January is named after Janus who is considered as theGod of doorway in the Roman MythologyFebruary has its origin from Latin and means PurificationMarch owes its name to Romans and is namedafter Greek God of War - MarsApril is supposed to be the month when trees and flowersbloom and it is sacred to Goddess VenusMay is said to be a Greek Goddess of fertilityJune gets is name after Roman Goddess Junowho is said to be the wife of Jupiter
  2. 2. July gets its name in honour of Julius CaesarAugust gets its name in honour of Augustus CaesarSeptember was originally the seventh month. Even after the inclusion ofJanuary and February which were later added, there was no name changeOctober was originally the eighth month. It also retained its namesubsequent to January and February additions to the calendar.November also retained its name.It was the ninth month in the original calendarDecember also retained its original name. It was the tenth month inthe original calendar when January and February were not there