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Reflection my poster new one ]


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Reflection my poster new one ]

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Reflection my poster new one ]

  1. 1. Reflection on my poster BY MUNIRBA
  2. 2. Explain why you chose your topic, what you intended your response to say and why? I chose my topic because I feel very strongly about. I feel racism has gone on long enough and it doesn’t seem to get any better. In the times we are living in, whites have privilege over everything. This has recently becomes more acceptable because of the Brexit. The Brexit has excluded any other race as most people see this as a stand for independence for the UK as we are no longer part of the EU. This has allowed people who are white to have more authority in a sense, over the ethnic minorities in the UK. I argue strongly against this because I believe in quality everyone should be treated and respected the same. I have chosen this topic because I would like to help in the process of equality of all races. I still till this day see racism sometimes there are parts I would go in London and people would look at me in a certain way or some people ‘ white ‘ would not sit next to me because I look Asian/muslim. I almost feel like I have experienced it and I don’t feel in such a young age any one should feel isolated from normal people. There are also some interviews I have seen with people who are more privileged who say they would let their children play with certain skin colours, I also feel like racism is taught from a young age its what the child sees their parents doing, therefore then reflects into their further life. I personally know my camping isn’t going to completely stop racism but the subject needs to be talked about and confronted. I also feel like in the UK Brexit has played the biggest part of this coming of sudden racism. I have also had many friends and family members who talk about this and explain how it does come one sided. Because I would say I have very briefly felt the different that is why I feel strongly about the subject. The response I intended to have has come through close enough to how I wanted it. I wanted people to understand and take part in my campaign, this can be done by agreeing with what I believe in.
  3. 3. Assess the effectiveness of your ideas and the skills you have used in getting the ‘message’ of your poster across to a target audience. I think my poster is very effective as it is very simple poster tat expresses equality. Because my poster has a range of different people on it, it is quite obvious to understand that the poster is to do with equality or being equal with the other. I did not want to over complicate my poster as I did want the message to be simple and easy for my target audience to understand. Because my target audience is of an age. I did add my slogan on to my poster this is so my target audience are able to understand what my poster is based around. I think my poster in terms of skills used, may have been improved as there weren’t many skills I used in the presentation of the poster, this would have made would have made the poster very more interesting and I feel my target audience would have been more drawn to the my initial poster. As you are able to see on my poster that I have displayed very different people, the way they look, hair colour, skin tones is as portraying the different people there are in my college alone. Also my lettering being dysfunctional and moved in certain ways shows again how we are different but the same we are all humans and w should live in harmony, again focusing on my text and I have used black and white to portray no one is just one skin tone, I also feel like text colours contrast with the actual pictures as it is playing against each other as the text is black and white but the poster is different colours this shows there are more races other than black and white that need justice. The human race is moving forward an mixing therefore the different. I do feel like my poster is self explanatory. The picture bring in the viewer as they are set up in a Picasso sense. I have put all of these in place to show I am portraying my message within everything in my poster. My message is understood by the audience by the feed back I received ‘ I knew immediately the poster was about equality as soon as saw the pictures ‘ ‘ the text and the way it was set out drew my attention towards the poster ‘. ‘ I saw your poster and it looked quite unusual with an important message, as I read Brexit I understood what the poster was about and the pictures and the text came into place ‘
  4. 4. How does your poster compare to other posters you have looked at? My poster, I would put into a very unusual side as it Is very simple but detailed with many messages within. For starters I used Photoshop to crop and make my images the same size as it was not the look I was going for I wanted my images to have a piccaso effect and be unusual and in different sizes again so I was able to portray my message. My images again I had a couple dozen to decide which ones would go together but I also feel like my poster is very understandable because of my pictures and their unusual placement. I did not need to spend too much time on my pictures I had to crop them and just make sure they meet the correct measurements for the layout of the page. The only skills I used was on my text I used sans cerif handwriting to make my slogan look bold I also added the black and white background this was to make the hand writing stand out more also done to add that effect of equality. Were I added the black hand writing with the white background and vice versa. Looking at other posters there is more detail going into the picture and making the poster stand out more so it is more eye catching. I definailty feel like mu poster is for more of niche audience, but everyone understood the message, I guess the title and the ppictures came into harmony that is something I would say that was vey positive about my poster. Other posters I would say would be more eye pleasing as the set out would normal and more eye pleasing. But I feel like the fact my poster is not very much eye pleasing is why it catches attention as it is different to others layout.
  5. 5. Based on feedback what revisions might you make to your final poster? I personally feel I will make more of effort to make a poster that will be more eye pleasing and reach all audiences. I will want to find out more techniques on InDesign and Photoshop so that I am able to make more changes and add more effect to make my poster that extra interesting. I do think my poster was good in terms of meeting my actual idea and concept but may need to look more professional as I am trying to reach a high scale. Again this is where I would use and learn more skills to use so next time I am able to make a poster that looks more professional. I would retake my pictures so they seem more high quality.