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Mobile Engagement


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Keynote presentation from Matthew Cock, Head of Web, British Museum

*PLEASE NOTE Speaker's notes to accompany the presentation available as a PDF document adjacent to these slides. Available from the 'Documents' tab*

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Mobile Engagement

  1. MOBILEENGAGEMENT@matthewcock | @britishmuseum
  2. “in the Cameronian belief that thisunapologetic multi-distractedness is a token ofcool, presentee-ist, super-modernity ratherthan, as some educationalists argue, a sign offlawed concentration anddisengagement, incivility and disrespect.”Catherine Bennett, The Observer 13.05.2012
  3. Attract Engage Impact
  4. Motivation• Social• Intellectual• Emotional• Spiritual
  5. Social• Visitors see the Museum as an enjoyable place to spend time with friends and family
  6. Statements: Social• I am drawn to interesting buildings• Its one of the major attractions in London• It is an enjoyable way to pass the time• It is a nice place to spend time with friends and family
  7. Intellectual• Visitors are keen to encourage their children’s or their own interest and knowledge. They may have a professional, academic or personal interest in the subject
  8. Statements: Intellectual• To encourage children’s interest in history• To improve my own knowledge• I have a personal interest in the subject• I have an academic/professional interest in the subject
  9. Emotional• Visitors want to experience what the past was like, or they may have a personal connection to the subject matter.
  10. Statements: Emotional• To experience what the past was like• For a strong sense of personal connection or identity• To have an emotionally moving experience• To see beautiful things in an attractive setting
  11. Spiritual• Visitors are looking for creative stimulation, quiet contemplation and see museums as an opportunity to escape and recharge their batteries
  12. Statements: Spiritual• To stimulate my own creativity• For peaceful, quiet contemplation
  13. Main motivation/expectation
  14. Maslow’s Self- actualishierarchy ationof needs Esteem Live/Belonging Safety Physiological
  15. Mobile phones shifting from funto fundamentalRyan Kim
  17. TheExperience Economy
  18. • Availability • Accessing a reliable supply Agrarian • Cost ] • Obtaining an affordable price Industrial • Quality • Getting excellent performance Service • Authenticity • Conforming to self-image Experience • Meaning / Interaction • Transforming your life, way of thinkingTransformation