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Arvia SuperLED Interactive Smartboard.

Arvia SuperLED Interactive Smartboard. Smart Conference System 110", 138" and 165". Equipped with a COB-based UHD Micro LED display, which features high protection, high reliability, high definition, excellent picture quality, and low energy consumption. It shows more realistic pictures and much more details than conventional displays, which improves conferencing efficiency and convenience.

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Arvia SuperLED Interactive Smartboard.

  1. 1. ARVIA LED SERIES SuperLED Interactive SMARTBOARD Super Large Size 110", 138" and 165"
  2. 2. Touch function for easy application Ten-point infrared touch, very smooth; Module recognition accuracy of 6mm;
  3. 3. Android + Windows two systems, running synchronously Built-in Android 8.0, WINDOWS10 two-in-one system, seamless switching, powerful full coverage Windows Android
  4. 4. Meeting display requirements LEDMAN(COB) All-in-one conference machine LED(SMD) All-in-one conference machine Projection Color saturation OK OK NO Brightness 450nit, OK OK The brightness is low, the ambient brightness is dim, can see clearly Touch function OK SMD fragile, untouchable, static, dead light risk NO,People can't stand in front of them, there is a shadow formed by the projection High quality (environmental protection) COB process, high reliability Split device, dead lamp rate of 50PPM OK Low heat Common cathode design, low power consumption common anode design, high power consumption OK 0 db noise OK OK NO Some have fans. Operational convenience OK OK OK
  5. 5. Multi-size, multi-specification, multi-scene 3 standard sizes, 1920 *1080 full HD display, meeting, training, report 110inch 10~20people 30~50sqm 138inch 20~40people 50~80sqm 165inch more than 40 people more than 80sqm 110'' 138'' 165''
  6. 6. Product characteristics Intelligent writing: single finger writing, double finger scaling, multi-finger roaming, hand back erasure Wireless projection: support for PC, Android, IOS and other hardware transfer screen, 9-point screen display Intelligent dual system: built-in powerful Android system, optional powerful OPS computer “all-in-one ”design: highly integrated, a unified entity, one-line connection, beautiful and easy to use COB LED:High protection, high reliability, high definition, excellent picture quality
  7. 7. Wireless screen transmission across operating systems Standard hardware screen player one-button transmission Support up to 9 points screen with the same screen display Multi-screen interaction, wireless sharing
  8. 8. Highly integrated, self-contained AIO (All In One) all-in-one design, integrates Android system, OPS computer, multi-touch screen, video switcher, transmission card and professional audio system. Feature-rich, powerful, and highly integrated, eliminating the need for complex peripherals and complex wiring connections.
  9. 9. Minimalist design, one line and one button Power on, off screen, standby one-button multiplexing ⚫ Extreme speed start-up ⚫ Tap the screen and press again to restore ⚫ Long press standby, standby power consumption is only 0.5W Wireless connection - unlimited imagination ⚫ Only one power cord is required ⚫ No complicated wiring and connections ⚫ Wireless hotspot, wireless projection 。
  10. 10. Humanized design Wireless screen; Dimming; One button to turn off the screen; …
  11. 11. Modular assembly, front maintenance to save space; Support wall hanging, hanger, wall landing base, moving bracket a variety of installation methods Easy to install and maintain
  12. 12. Product specification M110 M138 M165 Screenparameters screen size 110inch 138inch 165inch Panel type COB LED Screen Resolution 1920*1080 Pixel pitch(mm) 1.2 1.5 1.9 weight(kg) 138 Screen brightness (cd/m2 ) 450 Contrast 6000:1 Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical) 170°/160° Refresh rate(Hz) 3840 3840 3840 Peak power consumption(W) 1400 1700 2300 Average power consumption(W) 800 900 1000 Working environment temperature range(℃) -10~ +45 Working environment humidity range(RH) 10~ 90% Maintenance method Front maintenance Product specifications M110 M138 M165 System platform Built-in system Android / Windows dual system * Android version Android 8.0 Windows system version Windows 10 Touchcharacteristic Touch technology Infrared touch, 10 points Infrared touch, 10 points Not yet Touch resolution (drive-free) 7680*4320 7680*4320 Not yet Touch recognition accuracy(mm) 6 6 Not yet Touch interaction mode Fingers or soft-headed stylus Fingers or soft-headed stylus Not yet Response time(ms) 9.5 9.5 Not yet Wirelesstransmission screen Support for screen transfer terminal Windows, MAC, Android phones: (software required) Iphone、Ipad Hardware screen transmitter Support Support for multi- screen simultaneous interpretation 9-screen Reverse control Support for touch reverse control Function Brightness adjustment Support for level 8 brightness adjustment One button to turn off the screen Can be one click into the off screen state, one click to wake up Built-in sound Built-in2*18W Functional interface Video input HDMI*1(side),HDMI*1(Front) Audio output 3.5mm Earphone *1 Touch output USB-A*1 Data input and output USB3.0*1,USB2.0*1,USB2.0*1(Front panel) Network Interface WLAN*1、Dual-band WIFI*2 (supports wireless hotspots) PRODUCT SPECIFICATION