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Latihan soal


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Published in: Education
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Latihan soal

  1. 1. LATIHAN SOAL Choosethe correct answer by choosinga, b, c, d, or e! Questionsfornumber1-5 Thegovernmenthasjust publishedareportwhichsuggeststhat televisionis partly responsibleforthe serious increaseincrimeoverthe last ten years. Theexposureof violenceorpornographyharmfullyeffects on children. Manypeoplewhoarealive today know whatit is liketo live in a worldwithouttelevision. Televisionaswe knowis only aboutforty years old. Yet it is so muchapart of our lives that it seemsas if it had always existed. Somepeoplethinkthat the years before the inventionof televisionwere a better time.Theyclaim thatfamilies talkedmoreand didmorethingstogether. Morebookswere read. Peopleusedtheir imaginationsmorefully.People got moreoutdoorexercises. But others disagree.Theyclaim thattelevision is a powerfuleducationaltool.It informsus of whatis goingon in the world,from a famineinAfrica to a localpoliticsandfashion.It helpsus understandhowpeoplelive, work, and struggle. In 1961, Newton Minnow,agovernmentofficial,calledprime-timeschedules“a vast wasteland.”Televisionis creditedwithbeinga greatteacher,but it is alsoblamedforthe poorreadingandwritingskillsof ourpopulation. Televisiongetspraisedfor helpingusunderstandthe peopleof the world.But it has beenaccusedofhelpingto destroy familylife. Televisionkeepsusinformedaboutthepoliticalissuesof the day. Experts willprobablycontinuetoargueabout television’svalue. But everyone agrees that it is one of the most significantinventionsof the twentiethcentury. 1. Thewriterwants to tell ….. A. Thedevelopmentoftelevision B. Theadvantagesof televisionprogram C. How televisiondestroys people’slife D. How televisionimprovespeople’sknowledge E. Theinfluenceoftelevisionon people’sdailylife 2. Manypeopleclaim thattelevisionis a powerfuleducationaltool.From this statementwe knowthat they….. withthe existenceof television. Therightwordsto fillin the points above are… A. Love D. Satisfy B. Agree E. Choose C. Prefer 3. Whichof the followingisgood for childreninwatchingTV? A. ThechildrenshouldwatchtheviolenceonTV B. ChildrenmaywatchTVwhenever they like C. Thereshouldn’tbegovernmentcensorshipofTVprogram D. Childrenshouldspendalltheir timeto watchTVprogram E. Childrenshouldbeaccompaniedbytheir parents inwatchingTV 4. “ ….. what is goingon inthe world,from faminein Africa …” (Paragraph4) Theunderlinedwordmeanslackof…. A. Food D. Entertainment B. Education E. Nutrient C. Water 5. Thetype of the text is …. A. Report D. Discussion B. Newsitem E. Hortatory exposition C. Explanation Thefollowing textisforquestions6-11 In 1956a Brazilianscientistimportedsomespecial beesintoBrazilfrom Africa. TheAfricanbeeswere the samesize as ordinarybees. But they weremuchstrongerandmoredangerous.Asting from oneof these bees can killa manof even a buffalo very quickly. Thescientistimportedthebeesbecausehewantedto breeda newtype of beesusingthe African bees and ordinaryEuropeanbees.He wantedto combinethestrengthof the Africanbee with the safety of the Europeanbee.
  2. 2. Unfortunately, in 1957,26 queen beesescapedandbeganto breedin the junglesof Brazil. Theyspreadvery quickly andsincethat timethey have beenmovingslowlynorth- wards, covering300to 400 kilometersayear. Over 200 peoplehave diedafter beingstung by the killerbees, andthousandsof animalshavealsodied. By March1978the killerbees hadreachedVenezuelaandin 1980they arrived in Panama.If they continuetomove at the samespeed willreachthe USA in1988. Todayscientistsfrom manydifferent countriesaretrying to findways of stoppingthe killerbees.But if they cannotbestopped, the Americans,likethe Brazilians, willhave to learnhowto live with a newa very dangerous visitor. 6. Whichbeeskill people? A. TheAfricanbees D. Theordinarybees B. Thenewtype of bees E. Thepassagedoesnotsay C. TheEuropeanbees 7. Whichof the followingisTRUEaccordingtothe passage? A. TheimportedAfricanbeesarestrongerbut not as dangerousasthe Europeanbees B. TheAfricanbeesare smallerbutmoredangerousthanthe Europeanbees C. A sting from the African beeis so poisonousthat it cankilla buffalo in a very short time D. Scientistshave beensuccessfulinstoppingthekillerbees E. A scientistwantedto breed a newtype of bees that give morehoney 8. Whichof the followingisNOT TRUEaccordingtothepassage? A. A Brazilian scientistwantedto have a new type of bees B. Scientistsaretrying to prevent the killerbees from movingnorth-wards C. Manypeoplehave diedbecauseofthe poisonousstingof the African bees D. Thedangerousbeesmovedto Venezuela before reachingPanama E. TheimportedAfricanbeesareless dangerousthanthe Europeanones 9. When the passagewaswritten? A. ThekillerbeeshadalreadyreachedtheUSA B. Thousandsofanimalshadalreadydied C. Scientisthad foundways of stoppingthe killerbees D. TheBrazilianscientistshadalreadybreda new type of bees E. PeopleinBrazil hadalreadyknownhowto live with the killerbees 10. “But they weremuchstrongerandmoredangerous”.(paragraph1) Who is the underlineword? A. Brazilianscientist D. TheAfricanbees B. Thescientist E. TheBrazilians C. TheAmericans 11. “But willhave to learnhow to live witha new a very dangerousvisitor”. (paragraph3) Antonyms the underlinewordis… A. Unsafe D. Hazardous B. Harmful E. Grievous C. safe Thetext is forquestions12-17 Oncetherewas a farmerfrom Laos. Every morningandevery evening, he ploughedhisfieldwithhis buffalo. Oneday, a tiger saw a mousedeer,anda cockerelwalkingtogethertomeeta snail. On their way, they saw a farmer anda buffalo workinginthe field. Thetigersaidto the mousedeeranda cockerel,“Iwonderhowstupid the buffalo is. He lets himselfbeing ruledby the smallanimal.”“You areright. Thebiganimalisreallystupid. I’m sure heknows very wellthat the small animalhaskilledmybrothersand sisters for their meals”,saidthe cockerel.“Well,if it were true, the smallanimal mustbe heartlessone. I think you’d better ask the biganimal,Tiger”saidthemousedeer. After the manwenthome,the tiger spoketo the buffalo, “You are so big andstrong. Why doyou do everything the mantellsyou?” Thebuffaloanswered,“Ohthe manis very intelligent.”Thetigerasked,“Canyou tell mehowintelligentheis?” “No, I can’ttellyou,” said the buffalo, “but you canaskhim”. So the next day the tiger saidto the man,CanI see your intelligence?”Butthe mananswered,“It’s at home.” “Canyou go andget it?” asked the tiger. “Yes,” saidthe man,“but I’m afraidyou willkillmy buffalowhenI’m gone.
  3. 3. CanI tie you on a tree?”After the mantied the tiger onthe tree, he didn’tgohometo get his intelligence.Hetook his ploughandhit tiger. Thenhe said,“Now, you knowabout myintelligenceevenifyou haven’t seen it” 12. Thetigerbecamemorecuriousbecauseof… A. the snail’sadvice. D. the mousedeer’srequest. B. the cockerel’sstory E the bigbuffalo’ssuggestion. C. the man’sintelligence. 13. Whichof the followingwassurprisedto see the buffalo andthe farmerworkingon the field? A. Thelion D. Thecockerel B. Thetiger E. Themousedeer. C. Thesnail 14. What lesson canwelearnfrom the story? A. Don’tleave your intelligenceathome. B. Intelligencecan’tbejudgedfrom appearance. C. Don’t compareman’sintelligenceto animals. D. Thebiggeraperson, the more intelligenceheis. E. Thesmalleraperson,the moreintelligenceheis. 15. Themainideaofparagraph2is ... A. Thebuffaloisvery useful for the farmer. B. Themousedeerdidn’tbelievethecockerel’sstory. C. Thecockerel supportedthetiger’sidea to ask the buffalo. D. Thetigerwas surprisedto hear the cockerel’sstoryabouthis family. E. Themousedeertoldthe tigerto ask the buffaloto get the answerto their surprise. 16. Thetigerwonderinghowstupidbuffalobecauseof… A. Thebuffalogave adviceto tigerto meetthe man B. he sawthe mousedeer,anda cockerelwalkingtogethertomeeta snail C. he sawthe buffalois workingwith farmersinthe field. D. the buffalo can’ttoldhowthe man’sintelligence. E. a tiger saw a mousedeer,anda cockerelwalkingtogethertomeeta snail. 17. Whichof the followingistrue of the story? A. Thesmallanimalisreallystupid B. the biganimalhaskilledbrothersand sisters the cockerel C. Themanletshimselfbeingruledbythe smallanimal. D. Thebuffalolets himselfbeingruledbythe smallanimal E. Thetigeris bigand strong 18. Readthe dialogue! Ita : Hey, you. stop! Vita : What’s up? Ita : You are to blameforsteel myearphone Vita : I’m not. I don’t dothat. Ita : But everybody in classsaidyou dothat. You have to beresponsiblefor this! Vita : Prove it. I willchangeyourearphoneif you canprove it. Ita : OK. I will. Underlinedwordisan expressionof… A. Blaming D. Sadness B. Suggestion E. Embarrassment C. Accusing
  4. 4. 19. Readthe dialogue! Dede : Heyyou! You stole mymobilephone. Jupe : Huh!How dareyou are. I won’tdo that suckthings. Dede : Yea, I’ve seenyou out of myroom.It mustbe you stealingmymobilephone. Jupe : I never do it. Why doyou always suspectin me? Dede : Yea. Becauseyou’resuck. Underlinedwordisexpressionof… A. Blaming D. Sadness B. Admitting E. Accusing C. Complaint Thedialogueforquestions20-21 Employee : GoodafternooncanI helpyou? Customer : I hopeso. I boughtthis televisionhere aboutthree months ago, but the soundandpicture qualityare awful.Thepictureisalways flickeringandthere’sa dark linedownthe left-handside of the screenAnd there’s an annoyinghissingsoundinthe background. Employee : Doyou have anoutdoorantenna? Customer : Yes, I do. Employee : Have you tried adjustingtheantenna? Customer : Several times. Employee : Hmmmmm.I’llget our engineerstohave a lookat it. Employee : A friend of mineboughtthe samemodelhereandhadexactlythe sameproblems.I wanta refund. Employee : I’m afraid it isn’t ourpolicyto give refunds, sir. Customer : I want to seethe manager. 20. Thecustomerwantsarefundof moneybecause… A. Thetelevisionheboughtthree monthsagototally dead. B. Thenewtelevisionhebought turnedout to bedead. C. His television wasdied. D. Thetelevisionthat he boughtthree monthsago, the soundandpictureareawful. E. Thetelevisionthat boughthis friend,the sound andpictureareawful. 21. What employeeresponsesto customercomplaints? A. Acceptingcomplaint D. Makinga complainttoo B. Delayinga complaint E. Not respond C. Rejectingacomplaint Thetext is forquestions22-25 Have you ever wonderedhowpeoplegetchocolatefrom?Inthis articlewe’llenterthe amazingworldof chocolatesoyou canunderstandexactlywhat you’re eating. Chocolatestartswith a tree calledthecacaotree.Thistreegrows inequatorialregions,especiallyinplaces suchas South America,Africa, andIndonesia.Thecacaotreeproducesafruit about the size of a smallpineapple. Insidethe fruit are the tree’s seeds,also knownas cocoabeans. Thebeansarefermentedfor abouta week, driedin the sun andthen shippedto the chocolatemaker.The chocolatemakerstartsby roasting the beansto bringout the flavour. Different beansfrom differentplaceshave different qualitiesandflavor, so they are often sorted andblendedto produceadistinctivemix.Next, the roasted beansare winnowed.Winnowingremovesthemeatnibof the cacaobeanfrom itsshell. Then,thenibs areblended.Theblendednibsaregroundtomakeit a liquid.Theliquidiscalledchocolate liquor.It tastes bitter. All seedscontainsomeamountoffat, and cacaobeansarenotdifferent. However, cacao beansare half fat, whichiswhy the groundnibsform liquid.It’s purebitter chocolate. 22. Thetext is about… A. Thecacaotree D. Themakingofchocolate B. Thecacaobeans E. Theflavourof chocolate C. Therawchocolate
  5. 5. 23. Thethirdparagraphfocuseson… A. Theprocessofproducing chocolate D. Thechocolateliquor B. Howto producethecocoaflavour E. Thecacaofruit C. Where chocolatecomesfrom 24. ” …, so they are often sorted andblendedto produce…”(Paragraph3) Theunderlinedwordiscloseinmeaningto… A. Arranged D. Distributed B. Combined E. Organized C. Separated 25. Howdoes the chocolatemakerstartto makechocolate? A. By fermentingthe beans D. By sortingthe beans B. By roasting the beans E. By drying the beans C. By blendingthebeans