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Surgical shop online

Buy Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, Home Healthcare Supplies, Medical Products, Medical Equipment Online at Surgical Shop. Surgical Shop is online medical supply store for medical equipment, surgical instruments, hospital medical equipment, diagnostic medical equipment, weighing medical equipment, emergency medical equipment and medical supplies.

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Surgical shop online

  1. 1. Everyone Deserves Quality. We Actually Supply Them‘ Buy medical equipment, medical supplies, home neallncare supplies 8. medical producls online wittroul potnering to leave out lrorn Ihe comforls of your norne. we offer great prices and dual delivery lo your place. Surgical snop is an online slore ol Narang Medical Limited. Not only our pmducls conform to ISO somzzuola, lso1a4a5 3. CE standards, out we also constantly exceed international uualily norms. Q SURGICALSHOIL online snare of NARANG MEDICAL LTD.
  2. 2. ISO 9ool :1o0e, I50 I 34351003 L c: compliame Emergency Care Products NET brand Emeigelxy Cave Pvoduus are availalale (01 home, olfices, hospitals and emevgenzy Iesme ieam. Even a small '(Em like sdssoroi penlighl Ioldl (an play critical role to me smess 0! an emeigemy iesme opevalion. Keeping some olmese plodlkts in home ololfkes may save lime, money and, mos! imponamry lives. Ouv piodims (onfovm to lso 9ool: zooa, lSO: I3485 5. cs slandavds and many a limes we also exceed inleulalional qualiiy nouns. nupy/ www. ;uvgieal; mp. mm
  3. 3. Enema Products An enema is a discreet and private method of selladministered colon cleansing. MEI’ brand Enema products make this procedure extremely easy and one can perform enema at oomrorts of home. Most of the modem health disorders have been linked to an insumciently clean colon and a poor detoxification of the body. studies have shown that enemas benefit greatly in such cases and also help in maintaining youthlulness. NE| ' brand products not only conform to ISO 9001 :2OOB, |SO:1 3485 & CE standards, but also con» stantly exceeds international quality norms. Enema syringes §}§‘l'J!1'1*.03!lfl§ -an mun»; :¢. ... ..-1 illaUl'mw; uIILe| YI: -'ll1|I-Jrnnll
  4. 4. ISO 9001 :1oos. I50 I 34351003 L (E cornpiianee Health Monitors A (orrect rneasuremenr or diagnosis leads ro correct management of disease and/ or treatment. Surgical Shop offers high quality NET brand Health Monirors and Diagnostic Tools for home, clinics and hospitals. Not only our produds (onfolm to ISO 9001:2008, | S0:13485 84 CE standards, but we also constantly exceed international quality norms. SURGICALSHOPM Quim am 1:‘ mums MEDKIAL no irrzoy/ www. surgie. aisr»op. eorn
  5. 5. A V L Weighlwalchev Scales ‘ ( Baby Hanging Trousers Babyweighing scales # is, ‘ ' N / SURGICALSHOFL. ; 1 Online Stwe D‘ NARANG MEDKZAL LTD. Hook g 5,, ,i, .g sare Heighl Measuring scales Height & Weight Scales shop Height Btweighl scales at surgical shop. Know your correct weight and height with NET brand high quality scales. we have weighing scales with mechanical height rods that iacilitate weighing and measuring in one step. Also, you will find bathroom sca| es, weighing scales for clinics and hospitals and also lor iniant and babies. Not only our products conform to lso 9001:2008,|50:13485 is ca standards, but we also constantly exceed international quality norms. IXODLIJIIIlddkllllLKOIl! !IL7&D1IPIi'l(l(oml! . .«. -ltevah-rrtaaarr
  6. 6. Hospital/ Clinic Supplies NH brand Hospital/ Clinic Supplies are available for home, omces, hospitals and emergency vescue team. Even a small lxem like scissor or penliglu torch can play cmical role to mesuccess of an emevgemy resme operation. Keeping some ohhese products in home or omces may save flme, money and, most imponamlv lives. Our products conlonu to lso 900|:200B, |S0:13A85 & cs standards and manya limes we also exceed inlernational quality nonm. SURGICALSHOPM OnIirle Share of NARANG MEDICAL LTD IilI9f/ f/I zoos ISU l 14852001&IIElIollll>Il3ll<e LARYNGOSCOPE AUTOCLAVE COLDHCHAIN EYE/ EAR SYRINGES AIR CUSHION PIPETTE FILLER BULB Imp . <uV(lIcJI<Iwllfom
  7. 7. aL. l:t<zll<: ;ew_La+ *1. o lt. t-. -ar. r.». dI: vaV>a1:lp~. '.l llld In It mtymurem-tel: -etntt. .,. u.. .t l~lj Hot & Cold Therapy Cold therapy can reduce inflammation, while heat can help tight muscles loosen up. use oi these products relieve you from muscular and joint pain. Should you use cold therapy or heat therapy for pain and injury, trust NET brand iortheir high qualityand utility. Not only our products coniorm to lso 9001 :2OOB, |50:1 3485 &CE standards, bulwe also constantlyexceed interna- tional quality norms. Hot water liottles ice Bags steam inhaler with racial sauna
  8. 8. L ;4 lso9om:2uu3,lsolaaasaooaacs compliance Laboratory Supplies p§_ l Shop for quality laboratory equipment, plasticwale and other lab pmduzls including g ‘*7 1 i i Eeakers, F| asks, Test Tubes, Racks, Measuring Cylinders and inoievou will find zomplete J" H ' mnge here. Not only oul products confovm to ISO 900'|2008,| SO:13485 &CE s1andards. but ' ‘ we also zonstantly exceed intemational quality norms. Q SURGICALSHOEM Online snare of NARANG MEDICAL LTD. hlrp: //wvvW.3urgl(a lsnoocoin
  9. 9. Online snare of NARANG MEDICAL LTD, [fr SURGICALSHOPM Medical Disposables Shop fordisposable medical products at Surgical snop. NErbrand medical dispos- ables are designed to minimize patient discomion and distress and available for general surgery, anaesthesia, urology, gastlo enlrology, paediatric, gynaecology, transfusionlblood management. surgical wear and more. Not only our products conform ho ISO 9001:2008, 50113435 84 CE standards, but we also constantly exceed international quality norms. lso9ool: zooa. lso K311351003 LCE Compliante Q nnpy/ www. surgicalsr»op. com
  10. 10. Medical Glfts NET Medical Gifts ale ideal for doctors, nurses and studems. These gifts will not only show your appreciation to favorite medical professional but they may also use these items in their day to day practice. Not only our products conform to lso 9oo1:2oo8,lso:134s5 3. cs standards, but we also constantly exceed intemational quality norms. hltp: //wvvw.3urgl'<a lsnoracom . plus ‘‘ SURGICALSHOPM online store ol NARAN3 MEDICAL Lm. lso 9ool :1ooa, ISO l34B5fl003 3. (E compliance
  11. 11. nonnuumummuumuuunuaamrrrmr u Microscopes V at ) Shop for high quality microscope and microscopy equipment at discount pricing at Surgical Shop. voull find here dissecting microscopes, stereo microscopes, elementary 3. advanced school micro scopes, monocular 3. binoculars microscopes and microscopes parts. we have microscopes (or students, laboratory, educational and research institutes. Not only our products conform to lso 9001 :2008,| S - 3435 &CE standards, butwe also constantly exceed international quality norms. r F; 9» h(rp: //wvvw.3urgi<a lshopcom
  12. 12. lso 900i :200a, lso l 34051003 3. CE cornplianee lmpy/ wwwsurgicalsnopcorn Patient Care At Home/ Hospital An illness may involve simple meoicarion ro major surgery. During me rrearrnenr or when a patient is recovering/ convalescino many products play vital role in helping patients to recover or assist in their day to day acriviry at home or hospital. Convalescence is me gradual recovery of health and strength after illness and NET brand producn not only conform to ISO 9001:2008, | SO:13485 3. cs standards, but also consranily exceeds international quality norms. Q SURG| CALSHOP. am_| Online snare of NARANG MEDICAL LTD.
  13. 13. éU§G| CALSHOPs. a Onlirie snore oi NARANG MEDlCAl im r K iso 9flflI:1fi0B, lSO IZ4!5:201Z A c: Campli hm)‘/ ’wv/ W surgi<aV3hL7p. :om Microscopes { Pocirermicroscopes Magnifiers -uL Q Science Gifts Surgizal Shop has Science Gifts& Eciucarionai Products for science hobbyists, kids and sKudems. The prociucrs in riris secrion rnakes grear gin ideas for emhusiasls, hobbyisIs, teachers, scientists and kids on any occasion. Nor only our prociucrs conform to ISO 9001:2008, | SO:13485 3. cs sranaarcis, but we also consranriy exceed international quality norms. ._ . $ “ ‘ Slide Boxes Mecnanicai we - iinrer Spring Balance
  14. 14. Support & Braces NET brand Supporl& Brazes helpzorrect and ortreat painful conditions efrectively. rhe products in this category promote healing & (omforl and we olfer braces and splints for the back, neclc knee, ankle, wrist, elbow to more. rhe most important feature ofour aids is their ability to provide maximum support without causing any further discomfort to patient already in pain. Not only our products conform to ISO , 9001:2008, lso:13485 & CE standards, but we also constantly exceed international quality norms. 0 SURGICALSHOPM online store of NARANG MED1<: AL LTD,
  15. 15. SURGICALSHOP. .. Q @ Onlina snare of NARANG MEDICAL LTD. Utensils Surgical Shop offers medical utensils for home, clinics and hospitals. Made with corrosion resistant stainless steel and plastic NET brand hospital ho| — loware or medical utensils are utilitarian items required at any nealtncare center for surgical procedure, examination, patient care or even for conva- - Iescing patients/ elderlypeople at home. not only our products conform to lso 9001:2008, | SO:1348S S( c: standards, but we also constantly exceed international quality norms. lso 9oal:1we, l9o mssaooz xrcz osrnplianee I 3 hltpi/ lrlwlmsulginlshopgmn
  16. 16. ' 5URG| CA| _5HoP__ lso 9om.2oo3,lso 134552003 a. (E (ornpliarree art. .. Saw: .4 moms mum no Walking/ Mobility Aids Surgical Shop has a large variety of walking/ mobility aids available for pmple who need help with their mobility in the shornerrrr orfor longer period. we olrer walking slicls, clinches, walking frarnes/ mllalors and wheelchairs. NET brand pmducts nor only oonform to ISO 900! :200B, lSO: I 3435 3. cs srandards, our also constamiy exceeds inlerrlalional qualiry norms. hnp: //wvvw.3ulgl<a lshoeeonr Walking Sti(ks . , ' Wheekhalrs
  17. 17. Women's Products Surgical Shop olrers health la. medical devices «or women. Shop ror Menstrual Cramps Relief Boules, Vaginal Specula, Vaginal Douche, Manual Breast Pumps, Pregnancy Test Kits, Umbilical Cord Clamps and olher ilems orrlirre. NH brand products not only conform ro ISO 9001:2008, | SQl348S xrcs svandards, our also comramly exceeds imer— nalionalqualily rrorrm. " SURGICALSHORM orrlirre snare :6 NARANG MED1cAL LTD, Manual ereacr Pumps Ms-nslmal Clamps llellel Home ar lnal Douche , play Vaginal speculum