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Yelp | UX

An example roadmap and proposals for the Yelp user review website. (created in dec, 2013)

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Yelp | UX

  1. 1. YELP PROJECT An example roadmap and proposals for the Yelp user review website.
  2. 2. 1. RESEARCH Business goals Target users Understanding the market: gather data competitive benchmarking Let’s Discover...
  3. 3. 1. RESEARCH
  4. 4. 1. RESEARCH User needs User scenarios Strenghts and problems within the product Opportunities Let’s Discover... HOW? Quantitative research Qualitative research - stakeholders / user interviews - contextual inquiry: (with Yelp users and people w/ target profile) - Google analytics - Surveys - Other data analysis (logs, shares, likes)
  5. 5. 1. RESEARCH Deliverables Personas / group profiles Scenarios / cases of use User Interviews & Usability Test HENRY. Man, 35 yo, married w/ch. Upper Middle Class. Heavy user of the internet, mobile devices and digital/ online services. HABITS - Goes out a least once a week, maybe more - Drives his own car - Bicycle activist - Likes a good ethnic restaurant, cool places (bars etc) to meet friends, outdoors trips - Enjoys his evenings with family & friends GOALS - Wants to find nice & cool places to go - Needs to spend the least possible amount of money in it - Wants to avoid frustrating outcomes when choosing - Would like to have reliable reviews of bars, concerts, restaurants, services, tourist attractions and trip advice
  6. 6. 1. RESEARCH Personas / group profiles Scenarios / cases of use User Interviews & Usability Test Deliverables Based on the personas, some scenarios are built (weʼll derive use cases from them, more technical and detailed): “Henry has just arrived in Curitiba with his wife. Itʼs his hometown, but itʼs been almost twenty years since he went to a bar to spend the evening. He wanted to relax from the road trip (~6 hrs driving non-stop), so he decides to find a cool place to show his wife Curitibaʼs night life. As he could find none of his friends, he decides to use an online service. Heʼs heard of YELP before, so he gave it a try.”
  7. 7. DAY 1 HENRY arrives in town and decides to have some fun Visit YELPʼs mobile website, which offers him the YELP app Website redirected him to the App Store, where he downloads the app Signs up to YELP inside the app, using his Facebook account Searches for bars & cool things to do in the neighborhood Finds a bar he used to go Goes to the bar and takes pictures; publishes them via the YELP app Returns home and writes a review inside the app The next day, visits the YELP website on a PC/Desktop Looks for a Chinese restaurant to take his family Shares yesterdayʼs review (bar) on Facebook Invites friends to join YELP DAY 2
  8. 8. 1. RESEARCH Deliverables Personas / group profiles Scenarios / cases of use User Interviews & Usability Test As an experiment*, two (2) users within the target audience were interviewed and their navigation was recorded Mobile App YELP website used the YELP used the 1 of them 2 of them * in a real research, at least six (6) people are interviewed and tested
  9. 9. NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS FROM SEMI-STRUCTURED INTERVIEWS Who? What? When? How? How often do you surf the internet? Do you do it at home, work or elsewhere? Where? And from which devices? Do you go out (party, bars, parks etc) often? How do you choose where to go? Do you use some kind of online help or service to help you decide? Which websites or apps have you tried? How often do you use these services or apps? What kind of information is more important that the service show you? Who are the people and other sources that you trust for tips and information on trips, events & such? What kinds of things compells you to leave your comfy sofa and visit a new place? Do you know Yelp? Just looking at the homepage, what do you think Yelp does? In your opinion, is it easy to understand Yelp? What did you find easy to understand?
  10. 10. USABILITY TESTS Interesting and cool service Possibly adictive Cluttered website Outdated look and feel Bad navigation menus Poor communication (lack of consistency of terms ex: “yelper, friend, fan”)
  12. 12. 2 days/ live on Mobile and desktop User Journey Interaction Touchpoints Emotional map Pain-points / Opportunities 2. REVIEW EXPERIENCE MAPPING
  14. 14. HIGH IMPACT LOW IMPACT MORE DIFFICULTY LESS DIFFICULTY USA 1 USA 2 USA 3 USA 8 USA 7 USA 5 USA 6 USA 9 F1 F2 F3 USA 1 - USA 9 Usability adjustments/ improvments F1 - F3a Opportunities: Sugested Functions/Flows 2. REVIEW EVALUATING EFFORT VS. IMPACT
  15. 15. 1) At the download banner, in the mobile site, add to the icon and to the title a link pointing to the app at the Apple AppStore. There’s only a discrete “Ver” (“See”, in Portuguese) with said link - not at all obvious. 2) When using Facebook to sign up, highlight the password field, making clear that the user has to enter it manually. 3) Show some filters below the search field (on the page that shows the list with the results - see mockup) 4) Provide more preset filters, change the wording in some screens and replace “on/off” slider buttons with “checkboxes” in the new design 3. PROPOSALS USABILITY ADJUSTMENTS / IMPROVEMENTS 1 2 3 3
  16. 16. 5) Change color of buttons “filter” and “map” 6) Show a numeric score below the stars 7) Ad an option to Sign-in with Facebook next to the login fields on the desktop site 8) Add “Share on Facebook/Twitter” in every place description page. 9) Replace “radio button” with “checkbox” on bookmark tag; add more specific tags and delete the useless “no tag/sem etiqueta” 3. PROPOSALS USABILITY ADJUSTMENTS / IMPROVEMENTS 8 8 5 7 7 On map Ex:
  17. 17. F1) Reminder to write a review After the check-in or picture-taking, the YELP app must send a reminder note (something like “review John Doe’s Bar now!”) when the user closes the app or when the device detects it is moving away from the chek-in site (500 meters is a safe distance, which can be tracked accurately by the internal GPS, if the mobile phone has it). 3. PROPOSALS SUGGESTED NEW FUNCTIONS / FLOWS
  18. 18. 3. PROPOSALS STORYBOARD - DON’T FORGET TO REVIEW! The user goes to the place The user takes pictures or checks-in in the YELP app The user leaves the place The GPS detects when the user is 500 meters away from the place The user receives an alert reminder to review the place The user reviews the place
  19. 19. F2) “Write a review” page redesign - Add feedback on review lenght also on the desktop site; - Add text/label below stars; 3. PROPOSALS SUGGESTED NEW FUNCTIONS / FLOWS - Split form in two parts (specially the app form), on the second screen add optional fields to further detail the review and helps improve the search and better order the content and reviews
  20. 20. 3. PROPOSALS SUGGESTED NEW FUNCTIONS / FLOWS F3) Rethink the bookmarks For example, adding more valuable and specific tags, like: “want to visit”, “recomend to friends”, “cheap and good”, “cool!”, “casual”, etc.