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Self Publishing Presentation


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Presentation by Heidi Black and Becca Hillburn about self publishing, specifically aimed at preparing comics for publishing. Basic tutorial on how to use InDesign to set up a document, printing and assembling comics yourself, and finding a printer willing to work with small orders.

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Self Publishing Presentation

  1. 1. Self Publishing Or, making your comic into a book
  2. 2. So you made a comic And you thought maybe you could sell some copies Or perhaps you just wanted to give one to a friend Either way, you want to make your comic into a book
  3. 3. If you have adobe in design Then this isn't going to be too hard STEP 1: SCAN ALL OF YOUR COMIC PAGES. UNLESS THEY'RE ALREADY DIGITAL. THEN YOU'RE ALL SET.
  4. 4. Step 2 Size all of your pages to the same size in your graphics program. Generally, most mini-comics are letter size paper folded in half, so you want your comic pages to be about 8 inches tall by 5 inches wide at 300 dpi, or some close semblance
  5. 5. Step 3 Create a new document in in design
  6. 6. Step 4 Create a master page (this will make your life so much easier!) Use the placeholder box tool to create boxes the size of your comic pages on your masters. Make sure to apply your master to your pages
  7. 7. Step 5Place your pages (in order) into the document. They should fit nicely in the boxes you made. Scale the images to fit proportionately if necessary
  8. 8. Step 5 When all the images are placed and sized correctly, its time to print! Go to file -> print booklet
  9. 9. Step 6 In the print booklet dialogue, choose “print settings” (at the bottom) Set the printer to “postscript file” Under setup, choose the landscape orientation
  10. 10. Step 7 And print! This will save a file to your computer that is a .ps file. Use acrobat distiller to make it into a pdf file
  11. 11. printing Printing can be done on a home printer or at places like office max or kinkos. Home printers allow for you to be in control of each page and is better for figuring out how to put together a book, but is also more expensive and the quality may not be as high Stores with printing services sometimes have helpful staff that can correctly print your comic, but sometimes have people who do not know what they are doing and will mess your work up. Black and white copies can be as little as 10 cents at some stores, color copies can run as expensive as $1.50
  12. 12. Add a nice cover Adding a cover makes the whole comic come together. Then, its time for stapling and folding your comics.
  13. 13. Staple! Folding your comics in half lets you know where to staple Use a long-arm stapler (available at office supply stores for around $20)
  14. 14. Professional printing services Ka-blam, comixpress, createspace, lightning press, lulu, ra direct, local print shops Can print hard cover and perfect bound Generally print at larger volumes, the larger the order the cheaper each book Need .pdf file (made in in design or illustrator) Can print in color or black and white, some offer special services
  15. 15. Professional printing services Turnaround times are much slower (plan several months in advance) Some offer proof services or professional review services, others will print all of your mistakes Have specific bleed and formatting requirements Can be expensive & often have a lot of stock
  16. 16. Createspace Owned and Operated by Amazon You submit your files to their website in PDF form, once they approve your submission, you can view a digital proof or order a physical proof. Additional copies of Proof (like to members of a group) require submitting a 'change' to CreateSpace (usually just resubmitting your document), and will take 24 hours to approve. Only offer perfectbound printing, can't order hardbound Offer the option to buy as few copies as you'd like, but this means individual copies are more expensive on your end Books can be sold and distributed via Amazon and Kindle, but your cut will be small Books created through Createspace already come with an ISBN.
  17. 17. Ka-Blam Very slow turnaround (six weeks) Digital proof is available, but not a physical proof Very much mixed experiences Offer both perfect bound and saddle stitched Can get discount on order if you allow them to place their ad on the back cover Offer both Black + white and color, including a mix (like color cover, black + white interior)
  18. 18. Distributing your Comics Self publishing requires self promotion! Sell your comics at conventions via a dealer's table or an artist alley table Contact local stores like book and comic shops to see if they'd be willing to purchase books wholesale or offer consignment Contact local libraries and schools to see if they'd be interested in purchasing copies Open an online shop (Etsy, Store Envy, Ebay, or your own) Make sure people know about your book! Contact pertinent blogs and request guest posts, write up tutorials that feature techniques used in your comic, give panels at conventions about self publishing~! Contact sites to review your comic, you will probably have to provide a copy for free.