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Waking up in the Post Social Media Era

Social Media has put the marketing world upside down. It changed the way consumers think, act and buy. Now it's time to get social outside social media, because people expect us to. Be aware of the social consumer ...

Slideshare summary of my presentation at the Click Asia Summit 2012 in Mumbai, India.

Waking up in the Post Social Media Era

  1. Waking up in the post- s cial media era. Nick Decrock @ndecrock
  2. 800,000,000Facebook users worldwide (and still growing fast)
  3. How did that happen?
  4. CURIOUSITY @ nd ec ro ck 1 First reason Basic human behaviour drove your them Social Media EGO SuccesOPSH EC F VE LL T O IN AR TI us CO R IO PA E NS
  5. “The only social medium is the human being. All the rest is technology. ” (Stefan Harzevoort)
  6. Second reason Social Media 2 are ... social. Connecting the social world.©2010 - The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis
  7. 3 Third reasonMobile phone penetrationdrove Social Media success.And vice versa. Now, you’re always connected.
  8. Obvious because Social & MobileMedia brought computing finally to a personal level.So it’s time to make marketing personal again.
  9. Did you know that more people will access the MOBILE WEB than the DESKTOP WEB by 2013 -> 2015 Source: Gartner Source: Morgan Stanley
  10. Digital natives can not imagine a worldwithout social media.
  11. It ‘s time to find out how to be social ...outside social media.
  12. Because people expect us to be social ...outside social media too.
  13. Five key social effects to learn from. 1. Always contextual 2. Everything for free, right? 3. Consumer wants control 4. It’s their brand 5. Sharevertising
  14. social effect n°1Being contextual How people now expect youto be contextual & relevant. All the time.
  15. Being contextual
  16. Search & social media content is contextual by nature. Learning by doing.
  17. You’d better be as smart as Facebook & Google.People expect us to be contextual and relevant. Always.
  18. Get to know your consumer.
  19. social effect n°2The Free Economy Haven’t you noticed that the most complex and expensivesoftware are now for free? Like Google, Facebook, YouTube, ... When will your product become free?
  20. Free, because people are willing to trade their privacy. In return for honest rewards and full transparency.
  21. Privacy is not a big issue. Privacy is just a modern invention. Nurtured by the rise of anonymous cities. In the old villagespeople shared as much as now on social networks.
  22. Social Payment
  23. Social Rewards
  24. Think free, think sharing.What can you do to make (part of) your productsor service for free? And make even more money.
  25. social effect n°3Always in Control The consumer wants to be in control. From Push to Pull communication.
  26. What people expect from Facebook,they now expect from your brand too. ✓ permission based (Facebook connect) ✓ transparant profile data ✓ communication control ✓ privacy settings ✓ like / comment / share ✓ opt-in & -out
  27. If Facebook can do this for 800 million people, why can’t you do it for your customers?
  28. Did you know a mailinglistopt-in equals a Facebook like ? Please act upon it.
  29. DID YOU KNOW? E-mailis the preferred channel (oversocial media) to give feedback or ask questions.
  30. So, why are most e- mailings like this ?
  31. social effect n°4It ’s their brand Yes, it’s their brand. Not yours. An engagement works both ways.
  32. Brand loversmostly ‘outlive’ brand manangers.So, it’s then obvious they feel more connected to the brand.
  33. Why people follow brands on Facebook40% 37%30% 33%20% Source: ©2011 - Get Satistaction blog 18%10% 6% 5%0% Promotions CURRENT Friends Service Infotainment & offers CUSTOMER are fans & support
  34. Source: ©2011 - InSites Consulting
  35. Custom products
  36. YOUR products
  37. Howmonitoring helped HippoSnacks in India to solveout-of-stock issues.People are more thanmedia, they can becoworkers too.
  38. Sales up +76 %
  39. Getting your consumers to be the peers of your prospects. GREAT PRODUCTS/SERVICES GREAT EXPERIENCE GREAT SOCIAL EXPOSURE GREAT SALES
  40. social effect n°5Shifts in advertisingAdvertising will never be the same again.
  41. Wake-up. Times have changed drasticallyOne2Many One2Few One2one Many2ManyTV/radio/print Direct Marketing CRM Social Media
  42. surpriseWhen did you recentlyyour consumers? And made them smile ?
  43. Strategy: “Open Happiness”Promotion Budget: zeroResult: 4,201,654 views on YouTubethanks to a ‘billion’ shares.
  44. news experiences views share vertisingemotions expertise
  45. Offline brand experiences are the main online conversation starters.
  46. People become fanbecause they like your brand or promo.
  47. “If they won’t share it, we won’t air it.” (Sebastian Micozzi, Pepsico)New advertising ROI = engagement value
  48. We’re still stuck in the old thinking. Different medium = different behaviour. Source: ©2011 - Baekdal.comPASSIVE ADVERTISING
  49. We’re still stuck in the old thinking. Different medium = different behaviour. Source: ©2011 - Baekdal.comACTIVE ADVERTISING
  50. Next step logical step isPost-Conversion advertisingIn the past we focused on passive advertising, which was based onexposure and dominated by marketing.In the digital world, we focus on active advertising, based on directconversions and mostly dominated by sale. Source: ©2011 - Baekdal.comIn the social world, we focus on post-conversion advertising, basedon experience we have and is the result of your ... product USP’s.
  51. CONCLUSIONThere is more to social than social media.Consumer expectations have changed a lot. People expect your marketing efforts to evolve along.
  52. Beware of the Social Consumer1. CONTEXTUAL: Remember they expect you to know him2. FREEBIES: All good things in life are free3. ÜBERCONTROL: Let them pull the strings4. SOCIAL BRAND: It’s their brand, so invite them in5. SHAREVERTISING: Your product is your best ad
  53. Waking up in the post- social media era. thank you Nick Decrock @ndecrock