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Graduate Student Orientation 2011: Professional Development


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Graduate students should be engaged in their work – that means finding a research idea that they find really interesting and fun. Students should be self-directed – that means taking charge of their training, and seeking out opportunities rather than waiting to be directed to opportunities. Graduate students are not alone in their endeavor – that means they have the support of the mentors, departments, colleges and graduate school to support their training. All of these spheres of support share the common goal of preparing the student for the best placement possible, and putting us all in a position to brag about the student’s success. The presentation then covered the main components of the professional development program designed to help students become professionally prepared, covering the resources for the four spires of professional development: research, teaching, career and ethics; the checklist of activities that they should pursue throughout their training; and the roadmap to identifying transferrable skills.

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Graduate Student Orientation 2011: Professional Development

  1. 1. Graduate School ProfessionalDevelopment Program
  2. 2. Spheres of Support Graduate School Mentor Department Colleges and Centers
  3. 3. Graduate School Professional Development Program Graduate training is holistic.
  4. 4. Research Gretchen Busl Associate Director for Grants and Fellowships Contact: 574.631.2443 professional_development/ research 502 Main Building
  5. 5. ResearchWorkshops and Consultations on: Guidance in defining research goals at various stages of the graduate programs Assistance in locating and applying for funding opportunities Strategies for efficiently articulating personal and professional goals in proposal statements Feedback on drafts of application materials Advice for working effectively with faculty during the application process
  6. 6. Matthew Capdevielle, Ph.D.Writing Center Directorcontact:writing@nd.edu574.631.5390writingcenter.nd.edu203 Coleman Morse Center Cheri Smith Coordinator for Instructional Services University of Notre Dame Libraries contact: 574.631.4271 222c Hesburgh Library
  7. 7. Office of ResearchResearchcontact:574.631.2310http://or.nd.edu940 Grace Hall GET CONNECTED TO EXTERNAL FUNDING THROUGH COS www.cos.comReasons to use COS:-Easily keep your CV up-to-date and ready to present in any format.-Showcase your research to the worldwide research community.-Use COS to search over 400,000 individual funding opportunities from numerous sponsors across alldisciplines.
  8. 8. Amanda McKendreeKaneb Center for Teachingand Learningcontact:amckendree@nd.edu574-631-9148http://kaneb.nd.edu353 DeBartolo Hall
  9. 9. TeachingWorkshops and Consultations on: Being a teaching assistant Developing your teaching style Grading exams Leading discussions Maintaining a teaching portfolio Writing a teaching statement
  10. 10. Career Center248 Flanner Hallwww.careercenter.nd.edu574.631.5200Director: Lee Svetecontact: Lee.J.Svete.1@nd.eduAssistant Director: Ann Amico Morancontact: Ann.M.Moran.96@nd.eduAdvisor: Jody Peterscontact:
  11. 11. CareerWorkshops and Consultations on: Defining career goals Networking Talking about your research Interviewing Looking for a job
  12. 12. Ethics Graduate School Ethics Workshop January 16th * 9:00am-1:00pm Hilton Garden Inn * Saint Mary’s College Agenda Opening Remarks by Dean SterlingEthics of Research * Ethics of Teaching * Ethics of Career Catered Lunch Plenary Talk by Alasdair MacIntyre Participation satisfies the 3-hour ethics requirement for all students matriculating in 2011 or after.
  13. 13. THE GRADUATE SCHOOLPROFESSIONALDEVELOPMENT GRANTSThe Graduate School has dedicated the earnings from three endowments for professional development: Joseph F. Downes Memorial; Notebaert Professional Development; Zahm Research Travel Academic Training Research Professional DevelopmentCommon Professional Development Application Form,
  14. 14. The Graduate School Invites You… “Shuffle. Play. Listen.” Christopher O’Riley (piano) & Matt Haimovitz (cello) DeBartolo Performing Arts Center Friday, September 30, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. Reception to follow. The Rivalry by Norman Corwin DeBartolo Performing Arts Center Friday, February 17, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. Reception to follow.
  15. 15. Student’s Guide to South Bend Bus Tour Ride a TRANSPO bus on a guided tour of South Bend Meet at the Hammes Bookstore and see the city’s bestrestaurants, theatres, galleries, Monday August 22nd and attractions. 5:00-7:00 PM FREE Sign up at the Professionalchocolate and pizza Development booth to reserve your seat! Sign- ups will close at 4:30pm Raffle for gift cards and other prizes when Orientation ends.
  16. 16. John LubkerAssociate Dean of Students Contact: 631-5778 ◦ Oversight of students’ progress ◦ Administration of Graduate School policies ◦ Academic counseling ◦ Student appeals