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20th Eicar Annual Conference Program

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"Validy Technology" will be presented @ Krems, Austria between 11:15 - 11:45 hrs on 10 May, 2011 by Mr. Christophe Vedel, Validy Net Inc.

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20th Eicar Annual Conference Program

  1. 1. 20th EICAR Annual Conference - Program EICAR 20th Annual conference 2011Program SUNDAY May, 08th, 2011 16:00 17:00 Eicar Board Meeting 17:00 19:00 Eicar Members Meeting Welcome Party 20:00 22:00 "Meet the Experts" Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. MONDAY May, 09th, 201108:15 09:15 Registration + Welcome Coffee09:15 09:30 Opening by the EICAR Chairman Rainer Fahs CW in Perspective AV/security technology, user, governments, law, law enforcement, trust09:30 10:15 Rainer Fahs Future threats10:15 11:00 Morton Swimmer11:00 11:30 Coffee Break Magic Lantern… reloaded (Anti)Viral Psychosis McAfee Case11:30 12:15 Eric Filiol Presentation on legal issues12:15 12:45 Prof. Nikolaus Forgo12:45 14:00 Lunch Break Presentation AV and Government14:00 14:45 Ralf Benzmueller Cyber Warfar from AV Perspective14:45 15:30 Boris Sharov CW impact on corporate security15:30 16:15 Presentation from Krems16:15 16:45 Coffee Break Technical means for future cybercrime16:45 17:30 Sebastien Tricaud Panel session moderated by Rainer Fahs Gala Dinner at Kloster UND Undstraße 620:00 22:30 3504 Krems/Stein
  3. 3. 20th EICAR Annual Conference - Program TUESDAY May, 10th 201108:00 09:00 Coffee Break09:00 09:45 Comparing Files Using Structural Entropy Best Paper Award Igor Sorokin (Dr Web) Algorithmic Detection of Malware via Semantic09:45 10:15 Signatures Narendra Kumar N - Shyamasundar R - George Sebastian - Saurav Yashaswee10:15 10:45 Coffee Break Android Malwares : is it a dream?10:45 11:15 Anthony Desnos – Geoffroy Gueguen Protection of computer software with a co-11:15 11:45 processor token Christophe Vedel Malware spectral analysis:11:45 12:15 security evaluation of Bayesian network Eric Filiol & Sebastien Josse A Graph Matching Algorithm for Binary Malware Analysis via Normalized Compression Distance12:15 13:00 between Functions Renan Darcel, Robert Erra, Pierre Payet13:00 14:30 Lunch Security Software & Rogue Economics: New Technology or New Marketing?14:30 15:00 David Harley Network based detection of malware activities15:00 15:30 Pavel Minarik - Jitka Studenikova15:30 16:00 Coffee Break Maximizing cleaning rate for behavior based16:00 16:30 detection, via CLOUD technologies C. Lungu - L. Boeriu - S. Ciorceri - H. Coroiu - Page 3 of 3