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Korea, deporte, idioma, tradiciones.

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  1. 1. KOREA
  2. 2. • - When you meet a person , not two kisses are if not a little bow or incline , which will be more or less pronounced depending on the age of that salute is done ( and show respect as age ) . • - There are very expressive and they do not much like physical contact , limited to a narrowing of hands in greeting. • - Kissing and hugging in public, not very well seen, can be considered as " disrespectful " . Nor when couples find , kissing , and less if you are with friends. • - Not usually talk much while eating, the conversation should be left for another time , for example the desktop
  3. 3. • - Not very good education refuse alcohol if they offer it , you have to accept without more, especially if it comes from an older person. They also tend to serve the drink and is polite to return the gesture as a courtesy . • - Normally during the meal is shameful blow your nose, is tasteful assess the food and often share the " bowls or bowls " as a sign of closeness. Also, the food is always composed of several plates with different foods (formerly depended on the social status ) . It will also show respect to older when drinking alcohol for food , performing a "different " gesture before them.
  4. 4. • - The traditional food is Kimchi , plus rice and vegetables often are always on the table. • - " When you want to call someone , do it with the palm down and fingers moving . It is impolite to call someone with the palm up , because this gesture is that Koreans do to call the dogs. " • - "There are many public toilets on the streets of Korea, so we should not be ashamed to use them .“
  5. 5. • - It is not customary to tip , being voluntary. • - There is often talk about relations with northern neighbors . • - There is a traditional Korean wedding attire , called " Hanbok " . This costume is usually used in a later ceremony traditional
  6. 6. • - The national sport is Taekwondo and taekkyeon • . - Its capital is seoul • modern . , buildings, mansions and typical western Korean houses . But just as historic buildings and homes were demolished to make way for new works of architecture.
  9. 9. • salpuri exorcisacion of evil spirits, the devil and the bad takes, because its beauty is to become a way for performance on stage.