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Teaching Open Source at SxSW 2016

There is a huge hole in computer science student education these days - open source software (OSS). The use and development of OSS is on the rise with ​78 percent of companies running OSS and employers watching sites like GitHub to see if applicants have contributed to open source. Participation in the development of OSS teaches students not only how to code, but how to work in diverse teams, communicate effectively and how to problem solve on the job. This presentation will introduce instructors of all age groups to what OSS is, why students should be involved and how to educate/mentor students in the world of OSS.

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Teaching Open Source at SxSW 2016

  1. 1. Teaching Open Source Nicole C. Engard
  2. 2. Comic: Author: Unknown | Year: Unknown | Source: Unknown
  3. 3. • Open source isn’t icky • Open source isn’t risky • Open source is software with freedom What is Open Source?
  4. 4. • Open source teaches collaboration, community and creativity Why Teach Open Source?
  5. 5. • Vote for this session for SxSWEdu 2016 via the Panel Picker: • Learn More