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Performance Improvements in Neo4j 3.2

GraphConnect Europe 2017
Craig Taverner, Neo4j

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Performance Improvements in Neo4j 3.2

  1. 1. Craig Taverner Cypher Team Lead Performance Improvements in Neo4j 3.2
  2. 2. Craig Taverner @craigtaverner Craig Taverner @craigtaverner
  3. 3. Native Graph Performance Improvements • Native Label index: Writes now 30-300% faster • Composite indexes: Faster multi-property queries • Reachability Queries: Can improve by orders of magnitude • Compiled Cypher runtime: Speeds queries up to 300% • Neo4j Browser: Ground-up rewrite yields snappier performance
  4. 4. Cypher Parser Performance Improvements in Neo4j 3.2 • Native Label Index
 • Composite Indexes
 • Compiled Runtime
 • Reachability (Pruning Var Expand)
 • Solving OR Using Indexes
 Cypher Planner Cypher Runtime Neo4j Kernel Storage CompositeIndexes Compiled Native Label Index PruningVXOr
  5. 5. Native Label Index • New GBPTree Index • Designed for concurrent read and write load • Performance • Similar for reads • Faster for writes
  6. 6. Composite Indexes Full-stack generalisation of schema indexes to multiple properties • Cypher:
 CREATE INDEX ON :Person(firstname,lastname)
 MATCH (n:Person)
 WHERE n.firstname = 'Joe' AND n.lastname = 'Soap' RETURN n;
 • Core API:
  7. 7. Composite Indexes Cypher queries will use the composite index if the following conditions exist: • Predicates must exist for all properties in the index and be equality predicates for the index to be used. • Predicates for existence, range, starts-with, ends-with and contains will not be able to use the index (yet). CREATE INDEX ON :Person(firstname, lastname);
 // Direct composite index search on multiple property equality MATCH (n:Person) WHERE n.firstname = 'Joe' AND n.lastname = 'Soap' RETURN n; // No use of composite index (yet) MATCH (n:Person) WHERE n.firstname = 'Joe' AND exists(n.lastname) RETURN n; MATCH (n:Person) WHERE n.firstname = 'Joe' AND n.lastname STARTS WITH 'Soap' RETURN n; MATCH (n:Person) WHERE n.firstname = 'Joe' RETURN n;
  8. 8. Composite Indexes
  9. 9. Reachability Queries - Pruning Var Expand MATCH (kevin {name:'Kevin Bacon'})-[*1..5]-(actor) RETURN DISTINCT actor
  10. 10. Compiled Runtime • Coverage • 50% of Cypher Operators supported • Cypher Benchmarks Suite 15% supported • LDBC suite 18% supported • Does this mean many simple and few complex?
 • Performance • Operators 2x to 20x faster • Queries … well it depends… let’s say 2x for supported queries
  11. 11. Compiled Runtime - Operators
  12. 12. Compiled Runtime - Operators
  13. 13. Compiled Runtime - LDBC Benchmarks
  14. 14. Compiled Runtime
  15. 15. Solving OR using Indexes • Consider AND
 MATCH (n:X) WHERE n.firstName = $first AND n.lastName = $last RETURN n • Solved with Index and Filter - FAST • But what happens with OR
 MATCH (n:X) WHERE n.firstName = $first OR n.lastName = $last RETURN n • 3.1: Solved with LabelScan and Filter - SLOW • 3.2: Solved with two IndexSeeks - FAST
  16. 16. Solving OR using indexes
  17. 17. Resources • Compiled Runtime Coverage Performance Improvements in Neo4j 3.2