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GraphTour 2020 - Allianz: Empower your business with Graph Analytics

GraphTour 2020 Amsterdam

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GraphTour 2020 - Allianz: Empower your business with Graph Analytics

  1. 1. © Copyright Allianz SE AGENDA Empower your business with Graph Analytics – Applied customer centricity & fraud detection Neo4j GraphTour Amsterdam 04/02/2020
  2. 2. © Copyright Allianz Your presenters 2 Sudaman Thoppan Mohanchandralal Niels Holtrop Sofie Vandaele
  3. 3. © Copyright Allianz Allianz Benelux Data Office 3 Allianz Group Much more than just an insurer Allianz BENELUX Allianz BENELUX - Data Office Allianz SE and its subsidiaries – the Allianz Group offer property-casualty insurance, life/health insurance and asset management products: o Servicing over 86 million customers in 70 countries o Insuring the majority of the Global Fortune 500 companies Allianz Benelux offers these insurances to private individuals, small independents, SMEs and large companies, amounting to more than 2 million customers. Allianz BENELUX Data Office is a team of 120 strong that provides centralized data & analytics services to and with various internal business stakeholders. Sources: globe: ; Benelux image:
  4. 4. © Copyright Allianz From silo to insights 4 Connected Integrated Insights Golden record Golden profile Graph analytics The golden profile is a central master profile containing not only important master data features of a customer but also from other master data domains – both internal and external – incl. transaction and interaction data. A Golden Record is a single, well-defined version of all the domain master data in an organizational ecosystem. 2019 2018 2020 Source: Forrester: Source: Techtarget: Graph analytics uncovers the essence of real-world networks through their connections. Businesses use these insights to model processes and make valuable predictions about how things such as information or failures spread; the flow and capacity to transport resources; and influences on group dynamics and resiliency. Source: Neo4j: • Custom Care Center • Recommendation Engine • Claims Fraud
  5. 5. © Copyright Allianz Customer golden profile delivers true customer centricity Customer Care Center 5 House insurance Car insurance Driver statistics Fraud Analytics V Name : Gabriel Faubert Birthdate : 28/03/1978 Location : Brussels (BE) Policies : • Car insurance • House insurance Uses Connecting the dots across multiple data domains 360° search – fast and easy Reduce call resolution time
  6. 6. © Copyright Allianz An insight on concrete outcomes 6
  7. 7. © Copyright Allianz Generate new insights using machine learning and graph algorithms Extract unstructured relationships Recommend relevant products to customers Graph Analytics delivers new insights Recommendation Engine
  8. 8. © Copyright Allianz Graph Analytics delivers new insights Claims Fraud Quick overview of relations between parties and objects involved in a car claim Includes search function to find people involved in any role in a claim Easy extension with additional information, including alerts from different domains Fraud rings Fraud Alerts
  9. 9. Graph obstacles 9 From relational to graph Govern the flexibility Business case/ROI
  10. 10. © Copyright Allianz The keys to success 10 Plan for scale Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast Invest in stakeholder engagement Understand user personas and design for usability Analyze first Embed innovation in business initiatives
  11. 11. © Copyright Allianz 11