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Introduction to Neo4j and .Net

Complex hierarchical relationships between entities can only be mapped with difficulty in a relational database and demanding queries are usually quite slow.
Graph databases are optimized for exactly these kinds of relationships and can provide high-performance results even with huge amounts of data. Moreover, not only the entities that are stored in the database, have attributes, but also their relationships. Queries can look at entities as well as their relationships.
Get to know the basics of graph databases, using Neo4j as an example, and see how it is used C# projects.

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Introduction to Neo4j and .Net

  1. 1. Intro to Neo4j and .Net Harnessing the Power of the Graph Michael Hunger DevWeek Nürnberg 2015
  2. 2. Agenda • Neo4j Introduction • Relational Pains – Graph Pleasure • Data Modeling • Query with Cypher • Neo4j and .Net • Drivers & Azure • Demo • Q&A
  3. 3. Neo4j Intro Because Data Relationships Matter
  4. 4. What is it with Relationships? • World is full of connected people, events, things • There is “Value in Relationships” ! • What about Data Relationships? • How do you store your object model? • How do you explain JOIN tables to your boss?
  5. 5. Neo4j – allows you to connect the dots • Was built to efficiently • store, • query and • manage highly connected data • Transactional, ACID • Real-time OLTP • Open source • Highly scalable on few machines
  6. 6. Value from Data Relationships Common Use Cases Internal Applications Master Data Management Network and IT Operations Fraud Detection Customer-Facing Applications Real-Time Recommendations Graph-Based Search Identity and Access Management
  7. 7. Neo4j Browser – Built-in Learning
  8. 8. RDBMS to Graph – Familiar Examples
  9. 9. Neo4j Browser – First Class Graph Visualization • Graph Visualization • Tabular Results • Visual Query Plan • X-Ray Mode • Export to CSV, JSON, PNG, SVG • Graph Style Sheet • Auto-Retrieve Connections • Much more … … to come.
  10. 10. Working with Neo4j Model, Import, Query
  11. 11. The Whiteboard Model is the Physical Model Eliminates Graph-to- Relational Mapping In your data model Bridge the gap between business and IT models In your application Greatly reduce need for application code
  12. 12. CAR name: “Dan” born: May 29, 1970 twitter: “@dan” name: “Ann” born: Dec 5, 1975 since: Jan 10, 2011 brand: “Volvo” model: “V70” Property Graph Model Components Nodes • The objects in the graph • Can have name-value properties • Can be labeled Relationships • Relate nodes by type and direction • Can have name-value properties LOVES LOVES LIVES WITH PERSON PERSON
  13. 13. Cypher: Powerful and Expressive Query Language MATCH (:Person { name:“Dan”} ) -[:LOVES]-> (:Person { name:“Ann”} ) LOVES Dan Ann LABEL PROPERTY NODE NODE LABEL PROPERTY
  14. 14. Getting Data into Neo4j Cypher-Based “LOAD CSV” Capability • Transactional (ACID) writes • Initial and incremental loads of up to 10 million nodes and relationships Command-Line Bulk Loader neo4j-import • For initial database population • For loads up to 10B+ records • Up to 1M records per second 4.58 million things and their relationships… Loads in 100 seconds! CSV
  15. 15. From RDBMS to Neo4j Relational Pains = Graph Pleasure
  16. 16. Relational DBs Can’t Handle Relationships Well • Cannot model or store data and relationships without complexity • Performance degrades with number and levels of relationships, and database size • Query complexity grows with need for JOINs • Adding new types of data and relationships requires schema redesign, increasing time to market … making traditional databases inappropriate when data relationships are valuable in real-time Slow development Poor performance Low scalability Hard to maintain
  17. 17. Unlocking Value from Your Data Relationships • Model your data naturally as a graph of data and relationships • Drive graph model from domain and use-cases • Use relationship information in real- time to transform your business • Add new relationships on the fly to adapt to your changing requirements
  18. 18. High Query Performance with a Native Graph DB • Relationships are first class citizen • No need for joins, just follow pre- materialized relationships of nodes • Query & Data-locality – navigate out from your starting points • Only load what’s needed • Aggregate and project results as you go • Optimized disk and memory model for graphs
  19. 19. MATCH (boss)-[:MANAGES*0..3]->(mgr) WHERE = "John Doe" AND (mgr)-[:MANAGES]->() RETURN AS Manager, size((mgr)-[:MANAGES*1..3]->()) AS Total Express Complex Queries Easily with Cypher Find all reports and how many people they manage, each up to 3 levels down Cypher Query SQL Query
  20. 20. High Query Performance: Some Numbers • Traverse 2-4M+ relationships per second and core • Cost based query optimizer – complex queries return in milliseconds • Import 100K-1M records per second transactionally • Bulk import tens of billions of records in a few hours
  21. 21. Querying Your Data
  22. 22. Basic Pattern: Tom Hanks‘ Movies? MATCH (:Person {name:”Tom Hanks"} ) -[:ACTED_IN]-> (:Movie {title:”Forrest Gump"} ) ACTED_IN Tom Hanks Forrest Gump LABEL PROPERTY NODE NODE Forrest Gump LABEL PROPERTY
  23. 23. Basic Query: Tom Hanks‘ Movies? MATCH (actor:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->(m:Movie) WHERE = "Tom Hanks" RETURN *
  24. 24. Basic Query: Tom Hanks‘ Movies?
  25. 25. Query Comparison: Colleagues of Tom Hanks? SELECT * FROM Person as actor JOIN ActorMovie AS am1 ON ( = am1.actor_id) JOIN ActorMovie AS am2 ON (am1.movie_id = am2.movie_id) JOIN Person AS coll ON ( = am2.actor_id) WHERE = "Tom Hanks“ MATCH (actor:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->()<-[:ACTED_IN]-(coll:Person) WHERE = "Tom Hanks" RETURN *
  26. 26. Basic Query Comparison: Colleagues of Tom Hanks?
  27. 27. Most prolific actors and their filmography? MATCH (p:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->(m:Movie) RETURN, count(*), collect(m.title) as movies ORDER BY count(*) desc, asc LIMIT 10;
  28. 28. Most prolific actors and their filmography?
  29. 29. Neo4j Query Planner Cost based Query Planner since Neo4j 2.2 • Uses database stats to select best plan • Currently for Read Operations • Query Plan Visualizer, finds • Non optimal queries • Cartesian Product • Missing Indexes, Global Scans • Typos • Massive Fan-Out
  30. 30. Query Planner Slight change, add a Label to query -> more stats available -> new plan with fewer database-hits
  31. 31. Neo4j Remoting Protocols • Cypher HTTP Endpoint is • Fast • Transactional (multi-request) • Streaming • Batching • Parameters • Statistics, Query Plan, Result Representations :POST /db/data/transaction/commit {"statements":[{"statement": "MATCH (p:Person) WHERE = {name} RETURN p", "parameters":{"name":"Clint Eastwood"}}]} • Up next: binary protocol
  32. 32. Neo4j for .Net Developers Install, Drivers, Deployment, Hosting
  33. 33. Neo4j for .Net Developers Don’t be afraid or disgusted, because “Java” It’s just a database implemented in some language  You’ll rarely see it.
  34. 34. Neo4j for .Net Developers - Installation • Neo4j Windows Installer was first • Chocolatey Packages for Neo4j • Upcoming in Neo4j 2.3 - full PowerShell support • Just install Neo4j as a service • More to come
  35. 35. Neo4j for .Net Developers - Drivers • Neo4jClient – one of the first Neo4j Drivers • by Readify Australia • Uses Neo4j’s HTTP APIs • Opinionated • Query DSL • NetGain – new and thin layer over APIs • New Drivers for binary protocol
  36. 36. Neo4j for .Net Developers – Development & Deployment • Develop • on Windows with Visual Studio • everywhere with Mono / Xamarin • Develop locally with local Neo4j instance • Deploy to Azure, use provisioned instances
  37. 37. Neo4j on Azure – Hosting / Provisioning • Hosted Neo4j Databases by GrapheneDB • Just install on Linux instance • VMDepot Images • Upcoming: Docker
  38. 38. Develop a simple Movie Database Demo
  39. 39. Single Page WebApp on the Movie Dataset
  40. 40. Single Page WebApp on the Movie Dataset • Bootstrap • Javascript (jQuery) • 3 json http-endpoints • Single: /movie/title/The%20Matrix • Search: /search?query=Matrix • Graph: /graph?limit=100 • Send XHR, Render results
  41. 41. Data Model public class Person { public string name { get; set; } public int born { get; set; } } public class Movie { public string title { get; set; } public int released { get; set; } public string tagline { get; set; } } ACTED_IN| DIRECTED|… name,born Forrest Gump title release tagline
  42. 42. Setup • Add Neo4jClient as dependency • Store GraphDB-URL in WebConfig • Connect in WebApiConfig var url = AppSettings["GraphDBUrl"]; var client = new GraphClient(new Uri(url)); client.Connect();
  43. 43. Routes & Controllers • Provide Routes for • index.html and • 3 endpoints • 4 Controllers: • query with parameter, • return results as JSON [RoutePrefix("search")] public class SearchController : ApiController { [HttpGet] [Route("")] public IHttpActionResult SearchMoviesByTitle(string q) { var data = WebApiConfig.GraphClient.Cypher .Match("(m:Movie)") .Where("m.title =~ {title}") .WithParam("title", "(?i).*" + q + ".*") .Return<Movie>("m") .Results.ToList(); return Ok(data.Select(c => new { movie = c})); } }
  44. 44. Production Architecture & Integration
  45. 45. Neo4j Clustering Architecture Optimized for Speed & Availability at Scale 45 Performance Benefits • No network hops within queries • Real-time operations with fast and consistent response times • Cache sharding spreads cache across cluster for very large graphs Clustering Features • Master-slave replication with master re-election and failover • Each instance has its own local cache • Horizontal scaling & disaster recovery Load Balancer Neo4jNeo4jNeo4j
  46. 46. MIGRATE ALL DATA MIGRATE GRAPH DATA DUPLICATE GRAPH DATA Non-graph data Graph data Graph dataAll data All data Relational Database Graph Database Application Application Application Three Ways to Migrate Data to Neo4j
  47. 47. Data Storage and Business Rules Execution Data Mining and Aggregation Neo4j Fits into Your Enterprise Environment Application Graph Database Cluster Neo4j Neo4j Neo4j Ad Hoc Analysis Bulk Analytic Infrastructure Graph Compute Engine EDW … Data Scientist End User Databases Relational NoSQL Hadoop
  48. 48. Get up to speed with Neo4j Quickly and Easily
  49. 49. There Are Lots of Ways to Easily Learn Neo4j
  50. 50. Resources Online • Developer Site • DotNet Page • Guide: Cypher • Guide: CSV Import • Courses • Pluralsight • Wintellect Now • Reference Manual • StackOverflow Offline • In Browser Guides • Training Classes (Intro, Modeling) • Office Hours • Professional Services Workshop • Free e-Books: • Graph Databases 2nd Ed (O‘Reilly) • Learning Neo4j
  51. 51. Summary Introduction Neo4j & .Net Neo4j Allows You… • Keep your rich data model • Handle relationships efficiently • Write queries easily • Develop applications quickly For .Net Developers • Neo4j Installer • Drivers for Neo4j from .Net • Host Database on Azure • Deploy Apps to Azure
  52. 52. Users Love Neo4j
  53. 53. Thank You! Ask Questions, or Tweet @neo4j | @mesirii | Michael Hunger