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Introduction to neo4j bloom

Neo4j Bloom at the Fort Meade User Group Meeting

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Introduction to neo4j bloom

  1. 1. Neo4j Bloom 16
  2. 2. As a thinking tool, to visually organize information As a development tool, for working with graph data As a communication tool, for describing what is in the graph As an interactive tool, for exploring data relationships As a reporting tool, for summarizing business information As an analysis tool, for revealing critical trends, influences and discrepancies How is graph visualization useful?
  3. 3. Perspective Visualization Exploration Inspection Editing Search 18 Business view of the graph Departmental views • Hiding PII • Styling GPU Accelerated Visualization High performance physics & rendering Direct graph interactions Select, expand, dismiss, find paths Node + Relationship details Browse from neighbor to neighbor Create, Edit, Delete Code-free graph changes Near-natural Language Search Full-text search • Graph patterns • Custom Search Phrases Neo4j Bloom Features
  4. 4. • High fidelity • Scene navigation • Property views • NLP Search • Search suggestions • Saved phrase history • Property editor • Schema Perspectives • Bloom chart type Neo4j Bloom 19 Communicate, discover, visualize, isolate and navigate
  5. 5. Neo4j Bloom User Interface 20 • Prompted Search • Property Browser & editor • Category icons and color scheme • Pan, Zoom & Select
  6. 6. “Find Appleby in Panama Papers Data” 21
  7. 7. Graph Perspective 22 Manage visibility and reduce clutter, revealing the right information to the right users. • Selective Property Visibility • Selective Relationships • Defined Entity Patterns* Need-to-know Details • Departmental Views • Hide Personal Ident Info • Structural-only Dev view Rich Entities* • Truck with Packages • Person with Aliases • Blog Post with Comments • Component with Parts
  8. 8. 23
  9. 9. 24 Northwind Graph
  10. 10. 25 Northwind Purchasing Dept.
  11. 11. 26 Northwind Shipping Dept.
  12. 12. 27 Northwind Sales Dept.
  13. 13. 28 Northwind HR Dept.
  14. 14. 29 Northwind Customer View
  15. 15. Graph Search 30 Ask Bloom what you’re looking for using idiomatic phrases based on the graph structure and content. • Search Everywhere • Find Graph Patterns • Customize Search Phrases “Tom Hanks” “Tom Hanks Movies” “From Tom Hanks to Kevin Bacon”
  16. 16. DEMO