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Neo4j GraphDay Munich - Graph Visualisation with Neo4j Bloom

Neo4j GraphDay Munich - Health & Life Sciences
Michael Hunger, Neo4j

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Neo4j GraphDay Munich - Graph Visualisation with Neo4j Bloom

  1. 1. Neo4j Bloom an interactive graph visualization environment Michael Hunger Developer Relations @mesirii | @neo4j
  2. 2. Michael Hunger Director, Developer Relations Engineering 2
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. 4 Graph Transactions Graph Analytics Data Integration Development & Admin Analytics Tooling Drivers & APIs Discovery & Visualization Developers Admins Applications Business Users Data Analysts Data Scientists Enterprise Data Hub
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. As a thinking tool, to visually organize information As a development tool, for working with graph data As a communication tool, for describing what is in the graph As an interactive tool, for exploring data relationships As a reporting tool, for summarizing business information As an analysis tool, for revealing critical trends, influences and discrepancies 6 Survey: How is graph visualization useful?
  7. 7. “Neo4j Browser, with less code and better scale” A self-service data exploration tool that line-of-business users can easily pick up and use to work with Neo4j. 7 Survey: Main Take-away
  8. 8. Density Drives Value In Graphs Metcalfe’s Law of the Network (V=n2) 5 hops < less Value 100’s of hops deliver immense VALUE
  9. 9. What is Neo4j Bloom? 9
  10. 10. Neo4j Bloom is "an interactive graph visualization environment" which focuses on creating a business view of the graph, for business users. Two main activities: 1. Defining a business view of the graph 2. Interacting with that business view
  11. 11. Visual Tour
  12. 12. 13
  13. 13. Quick Start The first time that Bloom encounters a graph, it will offer a selection of currently defined "Perspectives" or to auto-generate a new one. Auto-generation is a good place to jump quickly into graph exploration.
  14. 14. Quick Start Use search to find: • expected values, like "Tom Hanks" • patterns, like "Movies" or "Persons in Movies" Interact by: • double-clicking a node to see details • right-click to bring up a context menu
  15. 15. • High fidelity • Scene navigation • Property views • NLP Search • Search suggestions • Saved phrase history • Graph editor • Schema Perspectives Neo4j Bloom 16 Communicate, discover, visualize, isolate and navigate
  16. 16. Neo4j Bloom User Interface 17 • Prompted Search • Property Browser & editor • Category icons and color scheme • Pan, Zoom & Select
  17. 17. Category List Acts as a legend for the Scene. Default Category: catches any Nodes which don't map to a Perspective Category Perspective Categories: defined by the current Perspective* Each Category shows: • selected count • in-scene count (visible somewhere) • category name • category color *see Perspective Drawer for details about defining Categories
  18. 18. Search Main way of interaction: • Graph Patterns • Lookups by attributes • Fulltext search • UI Actions
  19. 19. Context Menu Additional Functionality • Expand • Dismiss • Change selection • Path finding • Undo • UI Actions • Start Editing
  20. 20. Editing Code free editing • Add Nodes • Edit Labels • Edit Attributes • Connect Nodes • Limit to perspective
  21. 21. Graph Perspectives
  22. 22. Graph Perspective 23 Manage visibility and reduce clutter, revealing the right information to the right users. • Selective Property Visibilty • Selective Relationships • Defined Entity Patterns* Need-to-know Details • Departmental Views • Hide Personal Ident Info • Structural-only Dev view Rich Entities* • Truck with Packages • Person with Aliases • Blog Post with Comments • Component with Parts
  23. 23. Perspective - Defining a Business View
  24. 24. Northwind label:table = 1:1
  25. 25. Northwind Graph
  26. 26. Northwind Purchasing Perspective
  27. 27. Northwind Shipping Perspective
  28. 28. Northwind Customer Perspective
  29. 29. Northwind Sales Perspective
  30. 30. Northwind HR Perspective
  31. 31. Graph Search 45 Ask Bloom what you’re looking for using idiomatic phrases based on the graph structure and content. • Search Everywhere • Find Graph Patterns • Customize Search Phrases “Tom Hanks” “Tom Hanks Movies” “From Tom Hanks to Kevin Bacon”
  32. 32. Search Bar Four kinds of input: • Graph Pattern • Full-text Search • Search Phrase • Action Graph Pattern Full-text search Search Phrase Action
  33. 33. Search Bar: Graph Pattern Graph Pattern search accepts a relaxed pseudo-natural language grammar based on a dictionary drawn from Node Labels, Relationship Types and Property Keys. The terms are mapped to potential pattern matches which a user can select. Value-matches based on indexed properties can also be used to complete a Pattern. Graph Pattern
  34. 34. Search Bar: Full-text search When the Bloom full-text search plugin is available, that will be used to fulfill the search. Otherwise the search is restricted to looking up text in the available indexes. No indexes and no plugin? Full-text search will not work. Full-text search
  35. 35. Search Bar: Search Phrase Search Phrases are defined within the Perspective, allowing for highly customized domain-specific questions to be asked. • paired with a parameterized Cypher query • can call algos, or anything! • could mutate the graph (requires write access) (See How-to define a Search Phrase) Search Phrase
  36. 36. DEMO 54
  37. 37. 55 Reactome
  38. 38. Reactome Meta Model 56
  39. 39. What is available? 57
  40. 40. 58 Neo4j Bloom 1.0 Features Graph Perspectives a business user view of the graph Graph Visualization high performance graph layout + rendering Graph Exploration navigate through direct graph interaction Graph Inspection browseable details of graph entities Graph Editing create, duplicate, edit, delete Graph Search extensible, natural search phrases
  41. 41. 59 Neo4j Bloom Futures* Graph simplifications Collapsing graph patterns into single elements: paths, containers, lists, clusters Multi-graph subdivisions and compositions of graphs Graph analytics algorithmic analysis and enrichment BI Charts traditional aggregrate reporting charts Graph Presentation multiple-scene storyboard presentations Embedded Views Google-map-like embedding * not in any particular order
  42. 42. • A Neo4j Desktop instance • Modern hardware-based GPU • The Neo4j database to which Bloom connects must be indexed for the data which will be visualized • Access to a running instance of Neo4j Enterprise Edition (local or networked) • A Bloom license attached to that server instance 60 Neo4j Bloom Prerequisites:
  43. 43. • Bloom Page • Neo4j Bloom: Investigating Patterns in Financial Transactions • Bloom Tips & Tricks from GC 2018 • Bloom Webinar 61 More Information