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Neo4j GraphTour New York_Neo4j Bloom

Presentation from GraphTour New York 2019 held October 16 - Illustrating the Value in your Connected Data Using Neo4j Bloom, Anurag Tandon, Neo4j

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Neo4j GraphTour New York_Neo4j Bloom

  1. 1. 1 GraphTour New York City Visualizing data using Neo4j Bloom
  2. 2. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Neo4j: Enabling the Connected Enterprise Consumers of Connected Data AI & Graph Analytics • Sentiment analysis • Customer segmentation • Machine learning • Cognitive computing • Community detection Transactional Graphs • Fraud detection • Real-time recommendations • Network and IT operations management • Knowledge Graphs • Master Data Management Discovery & Visualization • Fraud detection • Network and IT operations • Product information management • Risk and portfolio analysisData Scientists Business Users Applications 2
  3. 3. Neo4j Inc. Confidential 3 Visualizing Graphs with Neo4j Neo4j Bloom Provided by Neo4j Exclusively optimized for Neo4j graphs Deploys easily with Neo4j components Focused on graph exploration thru a code-free UI Near natural language search Caters to business users and graph data analysts Small team or departmental use Viz Toolkits 3rd party e.g. Ogma, Keylines, yFiles, vis.js, d3.js Some offer data hooks into Neo4j, others may require custom integration Offer robust APIs for flexible control of the viz output Cater to developers who will create a custom solution or app, usually with some guardrails Departmental, enterprise or public use BI Tools 3rd party e.g. Tableau, Power BI, Qlik Not optimized for graph data, may require a special connector UI for dashboard and report creation with many kinds of viz, in addition to graph viz Cater to business users and data analysts Departmental, cross- department or enterprise use Graph Viz Solutions 3rd party e.g. Linkurious, Tom Sawyer, Graphistry Support multiple graph models and sources Feature UI for exploration or APIs for customizing output and embedding/publishing Solutions may cater to business users, analysts or developers Small team, departmental or cross-department use Little technical expertise Most technically involved Smaller deployments Larger deployments Exploration focused Publishing / Consumption focused
  4. 4. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Perspective Search Visualization Exploration Inspection Editing 4 Business view of the graph Departmental views • Hiding PII • Styling Near-natural Language Search Full-text search • Graph patterns • Custom Search Phrases GPU Accelerated Visualization High performance physics & rendering Direct graph interactions Select, expand, dismiss, find paths Node + Relationship details Browse from neighbor to neighbor Create, Connect, Update Code-free graph changes Neo4j Bloom Overview
  5. 5. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Graph Perspectives 5 Manage visibility and reduce clutter, revealing the right information to the right users. • Categorize raw entities • Selective relationships • Selective property visibility • Hide uncategorized data • Role-based perspective sharing
  6. 6. Neo4j Inc. Confidential 6 Financial Services Customer Graph Bloom Perspective Example
  7. 7. Neo4j Inc. Confidential 7 Customer Marketing Perspective Bloom Perspective Example
  8. 8. Neo4j Inc. Confidential 8 Transaction Analyst Perspective Bloom Perspective Example
  9. 9. Neo4j Inc. Confidential 9 Bank Division Perspective Bloom Perspective Example
  10. 10. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Graph Search 10 Ask Bloom what you’re looking for using idiomatic phrases based on the graph structure and content. • Search everywhere • Find graph patterns • Create search phrases
  11. 11. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Neo4j Bloom User Interface 11 Search with type-ahead suggestions Category icons and color scheme Visualize, Explore and Discover Pan, Zoom and Select Property Browser and editor
  12. 12. Bloom Demo 12
  13. 13. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Integrations 13 • Link into Bloom from another application • Pass-in context to prime the search suggestions (pattern or complex search phrase) • Control the perspective shown ViewinBloom
  14. 14. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Deployment 14 • Bloom Server deploys as a Neo4j database plugin • Plugin provides app-related procedures and hosts web UI • Supports single instance or cluster setup of Neo4j • Web app can be hosted by the db HTTP server or separately • App supports modern web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge • GPU-enabled client machine required Bloom Desktop Client Desktop (local) DB Bloom Web Client Bloom Server Neo4j DB Server Neo4j DB Cluster Bloom Server Bloom Server
  15. 15. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Try Bloom with Neo4j Enterprise Edition 15 Neo4j Sandbox - a Neo4j interactive experience ● Limited time cloud instance ● Bloom enabled ● Links to Bloom videos and docs ● Explore our fraud demo dataset Neo4j Desktop - a Neo4j developer’s toolchest ● Install on your local machine ● Includes developer license for Neo4j Enterprise Edition ● Activate Bloom with a trial key from your Neo4j rep ● Connect to any local or remote database
  16. 16. Neo4j Inc. Confidential Get Bloom with the Startup Program 16
  17. 17. Questions? 17 Anurag Tandon