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Neo4j GraphTour New York_Realogy Presentation

Presentation from GraphTour New York 2019 held October 16 - Driving Innovation with Advanced Analytics with Neo4j Graph_Neerav Vyas, Realogy

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Neo4j GraphTour New York_Realogy Presentation

  1. 1. Driving Innovation and Advanced Analytics with Neo 4j Graph Neerav Vyas VP Analytics & Strategy – Head of Analytics, Realogy Holdings
  2. 2. The home buying journey is a complicated, it isn’t short, and it often happens in fits and starts… making it hard to connect all the dots Events PeopleDevices 2 Data Scale Limited Model Performance Suffers Lack a Human Centered View of the Business ?
  3. 3. Graph analytics allows us to better leverage our data to drive innovation and accelerate our ability to build advanced analytics solutions Events PeopleDevices Data capture and enrichment from multiple systems and types of interactions to more holistically understand our customers, our employees, and our operations Allowing for greater operationalizing of insights Our Connected Analytics Platform Data Aggregation and Curation Analytics, Machine Learning, AI Custom Tools and Apps Industry Focused Customer Design 3
  4. 4. Case Study: Using Neo4j to help improve lead conversion • Referral based leads to our agents is an integral part of our value proposition to our agents - These leads are also significantly more profitable for the company • Unfortunately our lead conversion was highly erratic do to the very manual nature by which a lead got assigned to an agent – the process was laborious and our employees had a difficult time in bringing data together to help them make an informed decision • Data for a lead didn’t exist in any one system and was connected to our Agent’s information– collection and aggregation of data took a long time and feature engineering/ model development speeds suffered 4
  5. 5. 5 Better connected data at faster speeds resulting in less time needed to do complex queries Ability to do more robust feature development resulting in better performing models that are easier to explain Tools and Apps The end result was significant improvements in driving value to the business and operationalizing analytics Customer & Employee Experience Native graph algorithms embedded into our apps/ tools to augment employee intelligence Improved experiences for employees and customers Machine Learning & AI Data & Analytics
  6. 6. Questions/ Discussion 6