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Neo4j on Microsoft Azure

This webinar will teach you how Neo4j, now available on the Azure Marketplace, will help you harness the full power of your data by continuously capturing relationships. You’ll hear the basics of what’s behind the rapid uptake of graph technologies and why Neo4j is the #1 graph database with over 200 customers that include Walmart, UBS, Cisco, HP, adidas and Lufthansa.

Find out whether graph technologies make sense for your cloud strategy.
Learn what makes this integrated Neo4j and Azure solution such an ideal option for enterprises looking to build more intelligent cloud applications and drive real-time decisions.
Hear more about how Neo4j’s native graph database can deliver results in milliseconds as opposed to minutes.
Watch our demonstrate on how you can get started immediately with Neo4j on Microsoft Azure and ask any deployment questions you might have.
At the end of this session, you’ll understand how combining the power of Neo4j with the flexibility and scale of Microsoft’s trusted cloud platform can help you transform the way you approach extracting value from your data. From customer experience and recommendations to logistics and knowledge management, you’ll have the tools to drive real-time decisions and pivot to meet dynamic demands.

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Neo4j on Microsoft Azure

  1. 1. Build Intelligent Applications at Internet-Scale Neo4j on MS Azure June 22, 2017
  2. 2. Native Graph Database on • Amy Hodler, Partner Marketing Mgr., Neo4j • • Igor Borojevic, Director Product Management, Neo4j • • Shawn Elliott, Microsoft Cloud Architect (TED/DX), Microsoft • § The Connected Enterprise § Graph Databases § Graph in the Cloud? § How to Get Started § Why Native-Graph?
  3. 3. The Connected Enterprise
  4. 4. Your Enterprise Is Driven by Connections Your Decision Applications Should be Too Engagement Economy Single, Always Current, View of Relationships Framework for Real-Time Decision Making Exceptionally Flexible Models Disruptions and Dynamic Markets Intertwined Products and Services
  5. 5. Thrive as a Data-Driven, Connected Enterprise Neo4j helps us to understand our online shoppers’ behavior and the relationship between our customers and products, providing a perfect tool for real-time product recommendations.” – Marcos Wada, Walmart “ With Neo4j, we’ve been able to take our average processing time [for pricing operations] from over four minutes to about 13 seconds… and reduce our overall infrastructure cost by about 50%.” – Scott Grimes, Marriott “ Graph analysis is possibly the single most effective competitive differentiator for organizations pursuing data-driven operations and decisions after the design of data capture.” – Gartner “ Build apps to accelerate productivity and effectiveness Eliminate stale recommendations Leverage hidden relationships and quickly pivot Single, Always Current, View of Relationships Framework for Real- Time Decision Making Exceptionally Flexible Models
  6. 6. Graph Databases Focused on Connections Polling Question
  7. 7. Unlike other database models,
  8. 8. Neo4j connects data as it stores it Unlike other database models,
  9. 9. Relational Databases Perform Well For: • Well-understood data structures that don’t change too frequently • Known problems involving discrete parts of the data, or minimal connectivity Graph Databases Perform Well For: • Systems where the data topology is difficult to predict but needs to be efficiently handled • Dynamic requirements • Whenever relationships in between your data contribute meaning and value Representing and Storing Data Different Models for Different Needs
  10. 10. Graph is Hot DB-Engines Rankings Popularity of Database Models since 2013
  11. 11. Common Graph Database Uses Real-Time Recommendations Identity & Access Management Fraud Detection Network & IT Operations Master Data & Data Lineage Knowledge Graph Real-World Case Studies
  12. 12. Graph in the Cloud? Polling Question
  13. 13. Augmenting datasets are essential for many use cases New datasets will emerge Data Co-Location for Graph Workloads Time is Right for Neo4j on MS Azure Massive consumer generated content is already in the cloud Corporate workloads are moving to cloud You Don’t Have All the Information Bring Decisions Closer to the Data ‘Cloud spending is growing at 4.5 times the rate of IT spending and is expected to increase to 6 times the rate.’ IDC-Sept 2016 ‘Microsoft Azure is viewed as the platform that customers would most likely purchase or renew going forward’ Cowen – May 2017
  14. 14. Native graph databases have extremely flexible data models Simplify adding and changing datasets Cloud is a natural platform for dealing with changes Easily add and configure Neo4j High Availability Clusters on MS Azure Flexible Graph. Elastic Cloud. Relationships Constantly Change Workloads are Unpredictable
  15. 15. Embedded security with Neo4j and MS Azure ACID data integrity Microsoft managed platform Trusted Neo4j on MS Azure Trusted Enterprise Environment ‘Over 2/3rd of cybersecurity professionals indicate teams are still learning how to apply security to cloud options and over 50% admit they don’t have the right staff.’ ESG- 2017 ‘. . . And 30% are looking for help through managed service providers.’ Cybersecurity Insiders- 2017
  16. 16. Simplify Graph Exploration and Use MS Azure ARM deployment of Neo4j Focus on your application with the infrastructure taken care of Up and running in an hour Use your own or a sample dataset Quickly explore what’s possible Start Now Simplify
  17. 17. Getting Started Polling Question
  18. 18. Why Native Graph?
  19. 19. Lots of Activity DB-Engines Rankings
  20. 20. Greater Neo4j adoption than the next top 10 combined DB-Engines Rankings Neo4j Dominance
  21. 21. Related Data – Stored in Disparate Silos Multiply the Value of Your Data
  22. 22. Index-free adjacency ensures lighting-fast retrieval of data and relationships
  23. 23. Completely Focused. Exceptionally Flexible. Store data more efficiently with 20x workload on 50% less resources Performance at Scale Easy-to-use tools, query language and procedures from a thriving community Accelerate Productivity Enhance existing solutions with data relationships and integrated data siloes Sustainable Advantage Easily add, remove or change data sources without schema changes or downtime Critical Agility Innovate leveraging relationships Query results in milliseconds vs. minutes Most PoC projects deployed in under a week Continuously captures connections and naturally stores the relationships Adapt data models to business changes in minutes
  24. 24. Neo4j is the World’s Leading Native Graph Database. We provide a technology that gives any organization the ability to leverage connections in data . . . in real-time.
  25. 25. Industry Leaders use Neo4j
  26. 26. • Azure MarketPlace • Availability blog • Step by Step setup blog • Neo4j Cloud Developers Guide We Can Help Ask Me How • •
  27. 27. Don’t Forget You Have Choices Public or Private New To Graph Concepts? We’re Here to Help Match Resources to Your Graph Workload Memory Matters