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Neo4j Popular use case

Bill Brooks, Neo4j

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Neo4j Popular use case

  1. 1. Neo4j Use Cases The #1 Platform for Connected Data Bill Brooks
  2. 2. 2 Real-Time Recommendations Fraud Detection Network & IT Operations Master Data Management Knowledge Graph Identity & Access Management Common Graph Technology Use Cases AirBnb
  3. 3. Complexity Flexibility / Agility Performance
  4. 4. Complexity Flexibility / Agility Performance
  5. 5. Finding a Cure for Cancer
  7. 7. Complexity Flexibility / Agility Performance
  8. 8. Complexity Flexibility / Agility Performance
  9. 9. Johnson Space Center Houston, Texas
  10. 10. “Lessons Learned Database” A half-century of collective NASA engineering knowledge
  11. 11. “Lessons Learned” Database GRAPH DB Load Data
  12. 12. “Lessons Learned” Database GRAPH DB Load Data
  13. 13. Let’s Hear a Few Stories — David Meza, Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA “Neo4j saved well over two years of work and one million dollars of taxpayer funds.” Impact
  14. 14. Complexity Flexibility / Agility Performance
  15. 15. Complexity Flexibility / Agility Performance
  16. 16. 28 • Record “Cyber Monday” sales • About 35M daily transactions • Each transaction is 3-22 hops • Queries executed in 4ms or less • Replaced IBM Websphere commerce • 300M pricing operations per day • 10x transaction throughput on half the hardware compared to Oracle • Replaced Oracle database • Large postal service with over 500k employees • Neo4j routes 7M+ packages daily at peak, with peaks of 5,000+ routing operations per second. Delivering real-time perf at scale Real-time promotion recommendations Marriott’s Real-time Pricing Engine Handling Package Routing in Real-Time
  17. 17. Case Study: Knowledge Graphs at eBay
  18. 18. Case Study: Knowledge Graphs at eBay
  19. 19. Case Study: Knowledge Graphs at eBay
  20. 20. Case Study: Knowledge Graphs at eBay Bags
  21. 21. Men’s Backpack Handbag Case Study: Knowledge Graphs at eBay
  22. 22. Business Problem • Optimize user experience • Connect complex buyer and product data to gain super-fast insight into customer needs and product trends • RDBMS couldn’t handle complex queries Solution and Benefits • Replaced complex batch process real-time online recommendations • Built simple, real-time recommendation system with low-latency queries • Serve better and faster recommendations by combining historical and session data Background • Founded in 1962 and based in Arkansas • 11,000+ stores in 27 countries with online store • 2M+ employees and $470 billion in annual revenues Walmart RETAIL Real-Time Recommendations42
  23. 23. Background • One of the world’s largest logistics carriers • Projected to outgrow capacity of old system • New parcel routing system Single source of truth for entire network B2C and B2B parcel tracking Real-time routing: up to 7M parcels per day Business Problem • Needed 365x24x7 availability • Peak loads of 3000+ parcels per second • Complex and diverse software stack • Need predictable performance, linear scalability • Daily changes to logistics network: route from any point to any point Solution and Benefits • Ideal domain fit: a logistics network is a graph • Extreme availability, performance via clustering • Greatly simplified routing queries vs. relational • Flexible data model reflect real-world data variance much better than relational • Whiteboard-friendly model easy to understand Accenture LOGISTICS 43 Real-Time Routing Recommendations
  24. 24. Background • Oslo-based telcom provider is #1 in Nordic countries and #10 in world • Online, mission-critical, self-serve system lets users manage subscriptions and plans • availability and responsiveness is critical to customer satisfaction Business Problem • Logins took minutes to retrieve relational access rights • Massive joins across millions of plans, customers, admins, groups • Nightly batch production required 9 hours and produced stale data Solution and Benefits • Shifted authentication from Sybase to Neo4j • Moved resource graph to Neo4j • Replaced batch process with real-time login response measured in milliseconds that delivers real-time data, vw yday’s snapshot • Mitigated customer retention risks Identity and Access Management Telenor COMMUNICATIONS SUBSCRIBED_BY CONTROLLED_B Y PART_OFUSER_ACCESS Account Customer CustomerUser Subscription 44
  25. 25. Background • Mid-size German insurer founded in 1858 • Project executed by Delvin, a subsidiary of die Bayerische Versicherung and an IT insurance specialist Business Problem • Field sales needed easy, dynamic, 24/7 access to policies and customer data • Existing DB2 system unable to meet performance and scaling demands Solution and Benefits • Enabled flexible searching of policies and associated personal data • Raised the bar on industry practices • Delivered high performance and scalability • Ported existing metadata easily Die Bayerische Insurance Master Data Management45
  26. 26. Background • Leading European Airline • 100+ mln passengers • 2+ mln tons freight per year • 700+ aircrafts Business Problem • Need for flexible high performant Inflight Asset Management, onboard entertainment, byod • Complex data set: CMDB, CMS, Aircraft data feed, media library • Maintain individual configuration for each Aircraft • Complex data model, aircrafts, hardware, vitual containers, licenses, business rules, versions, content ... Solution and Benefits • Neo4j powers integrated platform that provides fast access to all aspects needed to maintain complex system • Fast implementation • Higly flexible data model enable constant evolution Lufthansa Digital Asset Mangagement 46 Graph Based Search, Metadata Management
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