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NODES 2020 extended - How Neo4j helps in the recruiting process

Reuben Teijeiro and Aleksandra Asanin, YouPal

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NODES 2020 extended - How Neo4j helps in the recruiting process

  1. 1. NODES 2020 Extended How Neo4j helps in the recruiting process
  2. 2. Meet the speakers Alexandra Data scientist passionate about new discoveries in the era of digital transformation. Experimenting with new technologies every day. Ruben Co-founder of Youpal. Open Source advocate with more than 20 years of experience working for large organisations using different FLOSS technologies.
  3. 3. About Youpal Distributed, Remote and Open Source company driving the digital transformation of many startups and large organisations. Youpal was born in Sweden. Today has presence in Netherlands, UK, Spain, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Guinea and Dubai.
  4. 4. Problems we are addressing Fast changing demand requires asynchronous actions There is no time for traditional hiring process
  5. 5. The future of work platform driven Flexible time better rates better distribution
  6. 6. What gig essentially is flexibility additional income better opportunities freedom diversity career balance
  7. 7. Data we capture testseduexp certs langs personalitylocation
  8. 8. What can be relevant for hire? Skills set Expertise Projects Location Nationality Languages Rates
  9. 9. Data model
  10. 10. But there is more... employee Active in XX communities Volunteers in YY organizations Follows NN people with specific skill set Writes a blog about ZZ technologies Visits MM related conferences
  11. 11. Why graph? Essential for understanding competencies of people Querying is faster and more intuitive People naturally fit into graph data model Many dependencies are not obvious otherwise
  12. 12. Graph algorithms to detect... Communities Teams Career paths Highly performant people Toxic leaders Up-Skilling
  13. 13. Drupal module for Neo4j Some were lazy but we are not Current maintainers of the module Upgrading the module and giving back to the community
  14. 14. Adopting graph technology Not only are we using Neo4j in recruitment, but we also are planning to apply it in… Cloud Healthcare Education
  15. 15. Thanks!