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State of Florida Neo4J Graph Briefing - Child Welfare

Navigating the complex maze of child welfare cases can be challenging. Many different people play many different roles in the life of a child, and these roles and relationships are dymamic and can change over time. A case worker must examine the entire support structure, to include the extended family, teachers, doctors and counselors to determine what is best for the child. Navigating through the data in the graph form not only expedittes the investigation, but can reveal connections between cases that may not have been apparent otherwise.

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State of Florida Neo4J Graph Briefing - Child Welfare

  1. 1. Neo4j in Human Services Investigating Child Welfare
  2. 2. States that share data among child welfare and education agencies have a better chance of lessening some of the barriers foster care students face and improving student success, according to a report by the Data Quality Campaign and the Legal Center for Foster Care and Education. Key-to-Improving-Foster-Care-Outcomes.html
  3. 3. Information collected and maintained in a single system’s administrative database is limited and, in itself, cannot provide a fill view of children and families. Each child- and family-serving agency has a piece of the puzzle surrounding family and youth well-being, and without the ability to collaborate across systems the full mosaic is incomplete. - Shaw, Lee & Farrell 2018