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This week in Neo4j - 2nd June 2018

Discover what's new in the Neo4j community for the week of 2 June 2018, including a new release of the Neo4j ETL Tool as well as a couple of new articles in our Graph Visualization series. Adam Hill’s talk about building a UK corporate interests graph is also online.

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This week in Neo4j - 2nd June 2018

  1. 1. This Week in Neo4j
  2. 2. Developer Relations Engineer at Neo4j 2
  3. 3. The week's graph database news in one handy slide deck! Find the archive at
  4. 4. Learn more about Dilyan
  5. 5. Watch the video A few weeks ago I attended the PyData London 2018 conference and one of my favourite talks was by Adam Hill. Adam gave an experience report of a DataKind UK and Global Witness project where they built the world’s first network graph mapping all of the UK public data on those who control corporate interests in the country.
  6. 6. Read about the release On Thursday we released version 1.2.0 of the Neo4j ETL Tool, a tool that makes it easy to convert your relational data into a Neo4j graph. This version contains multi schema support, additional driver support for Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Oracle RDBMS, as well as general improvements around the loading process.
  7. 7. Max De Marzi‘s shows how to take a PDF or text file, use Apache Tika to detect and extract metadata and text, and finally then run that text through a set of NLP models from OpenNLP to find interesting Entities which are then stored in Neo4j. From document to graph
  8. 8. Combine yWorks and Neo4j Sebastian Müller has written a blog post in which he shows how to use yWorks and Neo4j to create high-quality graph and diagram visualizations for end-user applications. You can download a free evaluation version of the yFiles for HTML software package if you want to try out the tool.
  9. 9. Download the slides Gerrit Meier shared the slides from his talk at Spring IO in which he explains how to build Spring backed applications using Spring Data Neo4j.
  10. 10. Visualise all the things with Neo4j and Keylines Dan Williams has written a post in which he explains how to run a demo using Neo4j and Keylines. The examples uses Cypher queries and KeyLines’ incremental layout to explore a Neo4j dataset of movies and actors.