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This Week in Neo4j - 6th October 2018

This week we learn how to supercharge developer productivity with the latest release of neo4j-graphql.js, there's a new release of the Kettle plugins for Neo4j, we have a GraphConnect experience report, and blog posts showing how to use the new Jaccard and Cosine Similarity algorithms.

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This Week in Neo4j - 6th October 2018

  1. 1. This Week in Neo4j 6th October 2018
  2. 2. Mark Needham Developer Relations Engineer at Neo4j / @markhneedham 2
  3. 3. The week's graph database news in one handy slide deck! Find the archive at
  4. 4. Featured community member: Ralf Becher Learn more about Ralf
  5. 5. Matt Casters released a new version of the Kettle plugins for Neo4j. This version adds Metadata Injection support to handle more complex scenarios. New Kettle plugins released Download the Kettle Neo4j Plugin
  6. 6. My colleague Elaine Rosenberg has created a video that shows how to get up and running with the Neo4j Sandbox. We have several sandboxes with built in datasets such as the Panama Papers and Russian Twitter Trolls, but you can also create a blank sandbox if you just want to play with Neo4j and can't install locally. Watch the video Creating a Neo4j Sandbox
  7. 7. Will Lyon announced a new version of neo4j-graphql.js, which now makes it possible to spin up a GraphQL API backed by a graph database with just type definitions. If you haven’t tried out GraphQL with Neo4j, now is the time! Announcing New Features In neo4j-graphql.js Read the release blog post
  8. 8. Tomaz Bratanic has written a blog post in which he shows how to build a similarity graph of product categories using the newly added Jaccard Similarity algorithm. He then runs the Label Propagation algorithm over the similarity graph to find communities amongst those categories . Product Category Community detection based on Jaccard similarity Read the blog post
  9. 9. Max De Marzi has written a blog post in which he shows how to write a stored procedure to efficiently find a node’s neighbors. Max’s approach will soon be added to the APOC library. Efficiently finding your neighbors using Neo4j Read the blog post
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