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This Week in Neo4j - 8th September 2018

This week we learn how to model complex financial instruments, load streaming data into Neo4j, solve a Rubik's cube, shuffle a pack of cards using random walks, and use Kettle as part of our ETL process.

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This Week in Neo4j - 8th September 2018

  1. 1. This Week in Neo4j 8th September 2018
  2. 2. Mark Needham Developer Relations Engineer at Neo4j / @markhneedham 2
  3. 3. The week's graph database news in one handy slide deck! Find the archive at
  4. 4. Featured community member: Ron van Weverwijk Learn more about Ron
  5. 5. In David Allen's latest blog post he explains how database triggers work, how you can get them in Neo4j via the APOC library, how they work under the covers, and how to use them to do streaming data loading. Streaming Graph Loading with Neo4j and APOC Triggers Read the blog post
  6. 6. Joe Depeau presented a webinar in which he showed how to model complex financial instruments with Neo4j. Joe explains the myriad of financial instruments, builds a graph of mortgage backed securities, and then shows how to explore the data using Cypher in the Neo4j Browser and visualise it using Neo4j Bloom. Modelling Complex Financial Instruments with Neo4j Watch the video
  7. 7. Joy Chao explains triadic closures, structural balance, local bridges, and how to use these to solve real world problems. Read the blog post Graph Theory & Predictive Modeling
  8. 8. Tomaz Bratanic has come up with a fun use case for the recently added random walk procedure - shuffling a deck of playing cards! Shuffling cards with the Random Walk Algorithm Read the blog post
  9. 9. Benoît Simard has written a blog post in which he explains how to load data into Neo4j using the Kettle ETL tool and newly written Neo4j connector. Importing data into Neo4j using Kettle ETL Tool Read the blog post
  10. 10. I came across an old post written by JeffProd about solving a Rubik’s cube using Neo4j. In the post JeffProd shows how to model the problem as a graph, imports all possible positions for a Rubik’s cube use the neo4j-import tool, and then solves it using a shortest path query. Solving a Rubik's Cube using Neo4j Read the blog post
  11. 11. If you liked this check out the blog post This Week in Neo4j - 1st September 2018