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LeWeb Deconstructed

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LeWeb Deconstructed

  1. LeWeb’11Deconstructed
  2. 1. Everything you are about to seecomes straight from Netvibes Premium.No professors or analysts were used to make thispresentation. We got these insights at a glance fromour dashboard. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  3. 2. These are insights, not metrics.There are many reports showing themetrics and total Twitter counts at LeWeb.This is not one of those reports. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  4. 3. We purposely waited 1 week to trackpost-conference effects.Our conclusions may surprise you. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  5. Winning at LeWeb LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  6. Pre-conference buzz doesn’tmean you’re going to win.It’s the sentiment during the conference that matters.The Top 3 winners didn’t have the most mentionsbefore, but they had the highest sentiment during. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  7. Winning may be hazardousto your future sentiment.At the conference, attendees fall in love with yourlive stage presence. But afterwards, non-attendingnaysayers who watch the video presentations will beless impressed. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  8. Insight: Continue courting yoursentiment after the honeymoon.100 75 50 25 During After 0 Beintoo HeyCrowd Babelverse * Why did Babelverse keep improving? News spread after the conference back home to Greece, where local supporters continued to cheer them on. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  9. Press is pessimistic at theconference.While social buzz tends to be high during theconference and drops afterwards, it’s the oppositewith press. Press sentiment rises after the show. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  10. Insight: Don’t worry about press duringthe conference. Focus on social buzz. this is positive sentiment comparing social vs. traditional press Babelverse HeyCrowdSocial Media (During) Social Media (After) Press (During) Press (After) Beintoo LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  11. Winner’s ranking determineswhat buzz you’ll get.All winners and finalists gained mentions, but thereis a big difference between #1 and People’s Choice.The higher up you are, the more buzz you’ll get. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  12. Insight: Your ranking determines howmuch buzz you’ll win as your prize. 500 375 250 pre-conference 125 conference post-conference 0 beinto heycrowd babelverse echo labs* Why was HeyCrowd the only outlier? It’s possible though they had a low level of popularbuzz that a judge loved their presentation. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  13. Tracking SoLoMo LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  14. Social still outranks mobileand local.The Social category was still the most talked abouttheme of the event, followed by Mobile. Local stillhas a long way to go. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  15. Insight: Market your product’s Socialand Mobile features first. 36 % 48 % Social 16 % Local Mobile LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  16. Insight: Overall, people are getting morepessimistic about the Mobile scene.* Overall sentiment for Local was relatively neutral at the conference. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  17. Eric and Google are morepopular than your startup.Beintoo beat Eric (and Ice Cream) in the Mobilecategory. HeyCrowd beat Eric (and Google+) in theSocial category. But Eric (and the new Google Maps)were the most popular product in the Local category. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  18. Insight: Only category winners Beintooand HeyCrowd could top Google.* Overall sentiment for Local was relatively neutral at the conference. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  19. France vs. US LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  20. Google+ beats Twitter andtrounces Facebook in France.In France, Google+ is the most influential channel,followed by Twitter and In the US,Twitter, followed by Facebook and Google+. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  21. Insight: When in France, aim yourmarketing efforts at Google+ first. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  22. In France, Video is morepopular than Twitter.While articles on LeWeb were split nearly evenlybetween French and English languages, Videopodcasts are 4 times more popular in France. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  23. Insight: Say ‘bonjour’ to the Videopodcasters who come to your booth! * While the number of French and English articles are nearly the same... The channel segmentation is different for France vs. US. Video plays a much higher role in France; whereas Twitter is king in the US. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  24. About Netvibes Premium LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
  25. Netvibes Premium gives you real-time insights, not justmetrics. Open Corpus and SmartTagging ensure you getonly relevant results from sources you value. AdaptiveAnalytics let you drilldown infinitely to explore interconnectedideas. Persistent Alerts keep you notified of emerging trends. LeWeb’11 Deconstructed
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