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Mail as digital activator


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Published in: Business
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Mail as digital activator

  1. 1. The Key Points We Are Going To Make Today
  2. 2. The Brief… Does exposure to advertising in The Daily Mail or The Mail On Sunday influence the way a person subsequently searches online?
  3. 3. Methodology Read the DM / TMOS for Asked to go online for c.20 c.15 minutes – asked in minutes and search for a particular to read the travel holiday / short break OR OR finance sections personal finance products Asked to go online for c.15 minutes and search for a holiday / short break OR personal finance products Subsequent interviews were undertaken with respondents after a further 7 daysSource: Independent research conducted by River Research
  4. 4. Observed And Recorded Browsing BehaviourSource: Independent research conducted by River Research
  5. 5. What We Were Looking For - ‘Hits’ A Nationwide advertisement appears in The Mail On Sunday If Mail readers have more than Non-readers, it would suggest Respondent goes to that advertising in The Mail the Nationwide website influences their online browsing behaviourSource: Independent research conducted by River Research
  6. 6. of all Mail readersof an advertiser who had in that day’s
  7. 7. The Mail Drives Online Browsing Behaviour – Fact! % of respondents with ‘Hits’ 50% Advertising in The Mail is an effective driver of traffic to your website Readers are more likely to go to 15% the website of an advertiser featured in The Mail than Non-readers Mail readers Non-readersSource: Independent research conducted by River Research
  8. 8. Inspiring Visits To A Broader Range Of BrandsNon-readers ‘Hits’ tended to be Mail readers ‘Hits’ were a mix of big, well-known brands big and specialist brands Advertising in The Mail encourages readers to go to a mixture of big brand websites and those they were unaware of or were not previously front of mind –Source: Independent research conducted by River Research
  9. 9. The DMA Has Similar Quantitative Findings 52% of measured response to insert and door drop campaigns went online The Insert Council and the D2D Council measured response to 3 million advertising items delivered directly to consumers, across 5 clients and 11 different distribution methods. On average, across the campaigns, 52% of the response measured went online in this quantitative study.
  10. 10. Why Did Readers Visit These Websites? It was mentioned inWell… there was an ad the newspaper in the Newspaper What was said in the paper looked quite interesting, and I wanted to give it a try The Mail sometimes brings up something differentSource: Independent research conducted by River Research Source: Independent research conducted by River Research
  11. 11. Mail readers are much more likely to gothan use a search engine
  12. 12. The Mail Driving Direct-To-Brand ‘Hits’ Direct visits to branded websites: 29% 19% (as % of all the different websites visited in total) Mail readers are much more likely to go than use a search engine (e.g. generically searching for “cheap holiday deals”)Source: Independent research conducted by River Research
  13. 13. Users Don’t Always End Up At Their Intended Sites User wants to look online for holiday / personal finance product Do they have Do they know Is the web a brand or Y the web Y address easy Y deal in mind? address? to type in? N N N User types in web Goes to Google and Goes to Google and address directly into types in generic types in brand name address bar search term Google auto Google auto complete kicks in, complete kicks in, user may change user may change direction direction Will Google N showpromoted ads? Clicks on website Clicks on another Clicks on Google Y promoted ad OR they have heard of OR Google result within before / already use 1st page of results Is user susceptible to other offers? N Arrive at Google- Y User clicks on inspired website Arrive at pre- alternative search result planned websiteSource: Independent research conducted by River Research
  14. 14. Consumers Love To Use Search Engines Search engines feel Search engines feelPerception that SEs Google is well knownare unbiased and trustedPerception that SEs SEs will guide you if youwill be comprehensive Google usually gives don’t know the right web I use Google forand can lead to the me more options address everythingcheapest deals SEs are a legitimiser –It feels like you’ve perception that SEdone it yourself results are ‘good’ results Source: Independent research conducted by River Research
  15. 15. But SEs May Not Be A Friend To All AdvertisersSource: Independent research conducted by River Research
  16. 16. The Mail provides a valued & trusted ad environment The Online world = The Mail = Endless / Anodyne Overwhelming Manageable Treasures to Directed be found Go in any direction Safe Potential dangers Limited Go your own Need a guide Trusted way
  17. 17. Trusted More Than… of Mail readers trust it to provide them with reliable information, even more than the BBC 69% 82% 41% 55% 74% 74% 40%Source: Mylife BMRB
  18. 18. Reading The Mail doesn’t just have an impact on ,but also on
  19. 19. Prolonged Effect On Purchase Behaviour of Mail of Mail readers readers did further went on to purchase research following a product or service the interview advertised (Non- (Non-readers: 25%) readers: 0%)Source: Independent research conducted by River Research
  20. 20. The Key Points We Are Going To Make Today