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Published on was the first in its category to use newsbrands in a meaningful way. It was a client open to testing new things, challenging newsbrands to provide evidence that new platforms provide new opportunities.

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  1. 1. Newsbrands Some current facts There are 22 million readers of newsbrands every day Newsbrands (newspapers and online) reach 81% (41.6m) of all adults each month, 69% each week 19.4% of Newsbrands’ online audience is 1524, almost exactly the same proportion as Facebook (19.5%) Newsbrands reach more people a month in the UK than Google The average Newsbrand visitor is aged 40 – just one year older than the average Facebook visitor Time spent with online newsbrands has increased by 33% in the last 2 years Newsbrands reach 5.4 million more people per week than Twitter Tablet ownership is growing rapidly – 39% of adults owned a tablet at the end of 2013 Sources: NRS PADD, TGI, comScore, YouGov
  2. 2. Diversifying the media mix makes the total spend work harder
  3. 3. % Share Source: NMR MAT May 2012 Comparison Sites
  4. 4. % Share Source: NMR MAT May 2012 Finance
  5. 5. % Share Source: NMR MAT May 2012 Motors
  6. 6. % Share Source: NMR MAT May 2012 Utilities - residential
  7. 7. % Share Source: NMR MAT May 2012 Broadband (incl broadband +TV/Landline ads)
  8. 8. % Share Source: NMR MAT May 2012 Consumer mobile networks
  9. 9. Consumption of newsbrands is complementary to TV & Search on any day of the week Newspaper reading is focused on shopping hours % of total time spent with individual media Source: IPA Touchpoints 2012 Base: All adults Total time spent: TV (20.45hrs), Shopping (2.69hrs), Newspapers (3.02hrs)
  10. 10. MoneySuperMarket advertising could become more effective by adding Monday newspapers 4 weeks 1 week 100 100 90 90 80 80 70 70 60 60 50 50 40 40 30 30 20 20 10 10 0 0 A -TV & Sunday Press B -TV, Sunday & Monday Press Adults, 30” & Clr 25x4’s A – TV & Sunday press 233 TVRs + 10 GRPs per week B – TV, Sunday & Monday press 113 TVRs + 68 GRPs per week A - TV & Sunday Press B - TV Sunday & Monday Press 1+ 5+ 10+
  11. 11. Newsbrands prompt action
  12. 12. Newspapers make people more likely to act Gives me a reason to go out and buy Source: Newsworks Effectiveness Case Studies
  13. 13. Newsbrands – heavily skew towards “active” consumers (e.g. automotive) 190 188 Own a car 162 Own a new car 160 Plan to buy a new car in next 6 months H'Hold plan to buy new car in next 6 months 134 132 123122 119 112 114 110 109108 103 101 90 105 103 104 90 86 85 87 88 82 77 74 Heavy NP Viewed Newspaper Site in last 4 wks Source: NRS Oct 12 – Sep 13 Weekly Cinema Visitor Heavy Womens Mags Daily Internet User Heavy Radio Heavy TV
  14. 14. Newsbrands drive traffic to websites Both online and printed newspapers drove traffic to the Toyota website Source: Newsworks Effectiveness Case Studies
  15. 15. Cross-platform solutions multiply the newsbrand effect Source: comScore for online readers/visitors only
  16. 16. Newsbrands supercharge other media
  17. 17. Newspapers significantly strengthen advertising measures when added to TV across numerous campaigns TV + Newspaper TV solus 75 56 34% Incremental effect vs TV solus 68 48% Incremental effect vs TV solus 46 Re-appraisal Call to Action ‘Surprising and gets me to think differently’ Top 2 box % ‘Gives me a reason to go out and buy’ Top 2 box % Source: Millward Brown; Base: Aggregate of eighteen campaigns, 18,000+ respondents
  18. 18. Adding newspapers improves TV ad performance on multiple dimensions Response to TV ad % agreeing TV Solus TV + NP Contained new information 53 67 +14 Contained different information 53 67 +14 Points made were relevant 54 70 +16 Points made were belivable 72 Made brand more appealing Made me more likely to buy Base: Aggregate of eighteen campaigns, 18,000+ respondents 83 63 47 77 63 +11 +14 +16
  19. 19. “When Rufus Olins and Vanessa Clifford from Newsworks approached us via our media agency, MediaCom, to discuss the role of newsbrands in our communications plan, we had a very successful brand, a media strategy that produced impressive results and an effective new creative campaign. Gareth Helm, Brand Director We only used national press for our best buy tables and newsbrands weren’t a key media strand for our category as a whole. But the evidence they showed us was persuasive - and the fact that many of our key clients in the finance, motor insurance, utilities, broadband and telecommunications sectors used newsbrands to connect with the very audiences that we were targeting caused a re-think. We decided to put newsbrands to the test.”
  20. 20. Source: comScore Mar-Jun average 2013
  21. 21. Age profile Under 18 18-24 25-34 35-54 55+ Source: comScore May 2013
  22. 22. Key objectives • Drive web visits • Increase consideration • Communicate breadth of offer • Differentiate from competitors
  23. 23. “We were very clear about our business objectives. Our business is based on high volume web traffic, attracting people who are ready to make a purchase so that we have a good conversion rate through to enquiries and sales. Gareth Helm, Brand Director So newsbrands needed to demonstrate that they could raise web visits and enquiries. We also wanted to communicate range and increase the likelihood that is the first choice comparison site.”
  24. 24. Two tests Scotland Motor insurance (with TV) England & Wales Money products (newsbrands only)
  25. 25. Creative
  26. 26. Results: Changing brand perceptions
  27. 27. SCOTLAND Newsbrands drive brand differentiation and preference Their advertising makes me think better of them than I used to Saves me lots of money Are better than other comparison websites Is the first site I would go in future when looking for savings and borrowing products % difference in change of perceptions of the brand. Newspaper readers vs all sample
  28. 28. ENGLAND & WALES Newsbrands drive brand differentiation and preference Saves me lots of money Offer a broad range of savings and borrowing products Are better than other comparison websites Is the first site I would go in future when looking for insurance products % difference in change of perceptions of the brand. Newspaper readers vs all sample
  29. 29. Results: Growing the customer base
  30. 30. Newsbrands drive consideration, especially among young people Source: tracking +8% Increase in consideration among 18-34s
  31. 31. Large increase in claimed recent visits by 18-34s Source: tracking
  32. 32. Business results
  33. 33. The effect of Newsbrands activity was seen on the same day Source:
  34. 34. Newsbrands successfully increased visitor traffic for a wider range of products Average increase in web visits for money products in England and Wales Source:
  35. 35. Newsbrands successfully increased enquiries for motor insurance in Scotland Source:
  36. 36. All newsbrand platforms are effective at increasing visits PRINT ONLINE TABLET 0.33% 0.12% 0.24% Site visits generated Source: model
  37. 37. Tablets deliver most visits per £ spent Source: model
  38. 38. Newsbrands’ ROI keeps on growing Source:
  39. 39. Summary of results Newsbrands • • • • • Extend reach Engage a new young audience Deliver a highly responsive audience Build brand perceptions Drive business results and ROI
  40. 40. “We were pleased with the results and newsbrands achieved key objectives that we had set. There was clear evidence from our modelling that newsbrands had increased both web visits and conversion into enquiries. Newsbrands had also increased consideration, and helped differentiate us from our competitors. There were a couple of results that were particularly interesting, and somewhat unexpected. Gareth Helm, Brand Director Firstly, we were very pleased to see that the emerging newsbrand format, the tablet, produced such great results. Tablets really help extend the newspaper proposition for clients. We think that it’s because tablet newsbrands have the personal touch and the audience is both the right composition and in the right mood to focus and take action. Secondly, we were delighted that newsbrands attracted and influenced a younger audience. While there’s a lot of talk about newsbrands being “old media” - in both senses of the word old - the truth is that they engage more young people than ever. This is great news for any brand like that needs to bring in and retain new young users. Whilst newsbrands weren’t considered before in our media mix, we think differently now.”
  41. 41. Learnings • Don’t think being the same as the rest of a sector is a good thing • New media channels give opportunities to talk in a different way • Using different media has a multiplying effect • Always be prepared to challenge your perceptions