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Mvp2 Demo and Findings


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MVP 2 Demo and Results

Published in: Technology
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Mvp2 Demo and Findings

  1. 1. StudyMates MVP2 & Data Presentation Nicholas Felicidario, Wan-Ting Lin, Aaron Loo, Nicholas Orlando
  2. 2. Issues Addressed in MVP2 ● Modify single-player mode ● Facebook integration ● Two-player mode ● Basic statistics
  3. 3. MVP 2 demo
  4. 4. User Testing Results MVP2 User Testing Experiences Nicholas Felicidario, Wan-Ting Lin, Aaron Loo, Nick Orlando User 1-6 StudyMates Importance (1-5) Satisfaction (1-5) Studying for MCAT is stressful 4.4 2.8 Studying for MCAT requires a very specific study environment 4 3 Studying for MCAT is boring 3.6 3.6 Overall Product 4 3.8 User Comment 1 Improve statistics for single player and multiplayer modes User Comment 2 Questions with calculations too difficult to do in your head User Comment 3 Offer explanations for questions User Comment 4 Enjoyed the social aspect of the app
  5. 5. Next Steps - Publish Studymates to Google Play - Future - Implement push notifications - Scale to other standardized tests - LSAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT, SAT, etc. - More specific statistics - Category performance - Develop on iOS
  6. 6. Thank you!