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Social Networks: The most important irrelevant thing in modern business

The use of social networks in business explained in short through football and fans. Presented at Unconference at BizBuzz IT Seminar 2010 in Niš, Serbia.

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Social Networks: The most important irrelevant thing in modern business

  1. 1. Social Networks The Most Important Irrelevant Thing In Modern Business Danica Niki Radišić Krazy Fish @ BizBuzz IT Seminar 2010, Niš, Serbia BizBuzz 2010 - Niš 1
  2. 2. 2BizBuzz 2010 - Niš The most important Irrelevant thing in modern business Social Networks The systematic building of a community, i.e. a fan base, that will convey your message and represent your brand isn’t easy. Maintaining that community is even more difficult. Whether you are a die-hard fan or find no interest in football – you are most probably still able to name at least 2 well known clubs from every major “football” nation. The same goes for social networks.
  3. 3. Die-hard fans Community leaders Are always the primary target group Players change. Clubs are sold. Fans can make or break a brand. Even just a handful of hooligans. Community leaders and fans STAY. BizBuzz 2010 - Niš 3
  4. 4. Pravila igre Football is still a DEVELOPING sport. Just like Internet communications and the way we do business today. DEVELOPMENT requires adequate: TOOLS EQUIPMENT EXPERTISE CONSTANT TRAINING BizBuzz 2010 - Niš 4
  5. 5. Play to win #Win doesn’t mean RESULTS BizBuzz 2010 - Niš 5 Simply opening a Facebook fan page, Twitter account or LinkedIn group for your brand is not enough. The Brazil v Portugal match was the greatest disappointment of the World Cup 2010 – because they didn’t play the game. If you have the honor of playing at the World Cup – give it your best game.. Participating is important. It’s essential.
  6. 6. Izbor BizBuzz 2010 - Niš 6 You decide - will you be a... Spectator... Hooligan... Fan... or a player ?