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Hermitage (Palace & Museum) part 1

A visit at the State Museum and Palace, while listening The Walz of the fleurs, by Tchaikovsky

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Hermitage (Palace & Museum) part 1

  1. 1. Hermitage (Эрмитаж) Palace & Museum art irst P F
  2. 2. The Winter Palace of Peter the Great
  3. 3. This gallery is Located on the ground floor of the Winter Palace constructed in 1754-62 by the architect Francesco Rastrelli to the order of Empress Elizabeth The Jordan Gallery
  4. 4. Tha main staircase “ The Embassadors Staircase”
  5. 5. The staircase is adorned with statues, some were brought from Italy in Peter the Great's reign
  6. 6. The 18th-century ceiling painting by Gasparo Diziani depicting Mount
  7. 7. The Field Marshals' Room, first in the Great Suite of State Rooms
  8. 8. Chandelier made in Russia
  9. 9. The Concert Hall and the silver reliquary of St Alexander Nevsky
  10. 10. Small white dining room of last Tsar Nicholas II
  11. 11. Here is described the night the Reds invaded the Winter Palace and arrested” counterrevolutionaires in this room
  12. 12. The Malachite Room
  13. 13. It served as the state drawing-room of Empress Alexandra, the wife of Tzar Nicholas I
  14. 14. The unique malachite decoration of the room and many of its furnishings were made in the "Russian mosaic" technique
  15. 15. Malachite Vase Detail of the interior: Malachite amphora vase 1825 Malachite and bronze; carved, ground, polished, cast, chased and gilded
  16. 16. View of the Neva River from Alexandra Drawing Room
  17. 17. View of Vasilievsky Island across the Neva River
  18. 18. Peter the Great (Small Throne) Room
  19. 19. The Armorial Hall was intended for huge receptions
  20. 20. The entrances to the hall are flanked by sculptural groups of early Russian warriors
  21. 21. Gallery of Patriotic War of 1812
  22. 22. Ecuestrian portrait of Tzar Alexander 1 by Franz Krüger
  23. 23. The St George (Large Throne) Hall The hall has a magnificent parquet floor made from 16 varieties of wood
  24. 24. Above the throne dais is a bas-relief of St George slaying the dragon
  25. 25. The columned hall with two tiers of windows is finished with Carrara marble
  26. 26. The setting for official ceremonies and receptions. receptions
  27. 27. Waiting people to enter the Palace
  28. 28. Views •Jordan Gallery •Ambassadors Staircase •Field Marshall´s Room •Concert Hall •Small White Dinning Room •Malachite Room •Views of the Neva •Peter the Great (Small Throne) Room •Armorial Hall •Galllery of Patriotic War 1812 •The St George (Large Throne) Hall •The Coffee Shop Music: Waltz of the fleurs Composed by Tchaikovsky for “The Nutcracker “ By Maria