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Sprint review effectiveness

How to improve your sprint review ?

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Sprint review effectiveness

  1. 1. Validate your hypothesis with effective Sprint reviews - NupurWaikar - Nilesh Naik Agile Practice Group,Veritas.
  2. 2. Sprint Review is key practice in building the right thing for our customers. It helps in building customer value with alignment”
  3. 3. Sprint teams follow sprint reviews but could not get the feedback they are looking for. SPRINT REVIEWS
  4. 4. 4 Set Expectations › Right agreed upon expectations › Not a status meeting › Customer centric Sprint Reviews Possible Efficiencies › Separate internal and external demos › One demo for epic › Agenda of demo well before meeting. Info about last demo › Boost confidence if stakeholders › Active participation Highlight Value delivered › Talk about value delivered in sprint. › Discuss brief milestones. Presence of key stakeholders › Invite right stakeholders › 1:1 interactions DEMO EFFECTIVENESS
  5. 5. QA