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Chaitnaya Mahila Mandal presentation

Chaitanya Mahila Mandal strongly believes that by helping one woman, in turn she helps another hundred. By increasing this chain they in turn hope to benefit society.Presenter is Mrs Jyoti Pathania.
Check out the video here:

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Chaitnaya Mahila Mandal presentation

  1. 1. Jyoti Mobile - 09422004152
  2. 2. CMM, Pune  History in Brief  Started in 1994 with the aim of society up liftment through women and children  Main focus on rehabilitation of women in difficulties like  Victims of molestation and sexual assault  Victims of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation  Victims of domestic violence6/5/2012 CMM, Pune 2
  3. 3. Projects of CMM, Pune  Kutumb Sakhi  Family counseling centre  providing proper advice at the right time to overcome major problems created due to minor interpersonal and circumstantial stressful situations  free of cost  Awareness generation camps  To enrich the knowledge amongst women regarding  Legal matters  Health awareness  Social awareness  Environment protection6/5/2012 CMM, Pune 3
  4. 4. Projects of CMM, Pune  Aashray  Focus on women and girls belonging to the disadvantages or under privileged groups  Shelter provided from 1 night to 3 years as required  Provision for health check up and services  Intense efforts to divert attention from stressful situations  Feelings towards positive living are encouraged  Educational and occupational support extended6/5/2012 CMM, Pune 4
  5. 5. Projects of CMM, Pune  Swavalamban  Centre for educational, management and business skills  Literacy and personality development  Business training, monetary transactions and social practices generally followed  Along with hands on training intentional efforts to find a market  Courses specifically designed for victimized women with the large variety of skills to choose from with little or no education  Industrial stitching for leather, jute and regzine  PVC molding  Photography  Computer training  Nursing  Hospitality management  Front and Back office management  Kitchen management  House keeping  Expenses solely managed through donations6/5/2012 CMM, Pune 5
  6. 6. Projects of CMM, Pune  Utkarsha  Night Creche for children of victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking  Protection of children of traumatic and undesirable night life  Giving chance to grow normally while keeping the mother child bond intact  Right to sleep on a full stomach in a safe and warm place  Kept away from influence of drugs  6.00 PM to 9.30 AM6/5/2012 CMM, Pune 6
  7. 7. Projects of CMM, Pune  NACSET  Part of the Network against commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking formed by Prerana, all over India  Organizations working for the same goal of spreading light in the suffocating shadows of the red light areas collectively  Maharani Laxmibai Vastigriha  Home for economically independent women compelled to live on their own6/5/2012 CMM, Pune 7
  8. 8. CMM, Pune  Story of Success  Amita, a girl of age 8 was rescued by child line from a hut when her so called grand mother died. She had been abused many times over as a child sex worker. As she got talking she was first abused by so called family member and then set into the trade. After counseling, psychiatric treatment for years together which includes her having tried to end her life, today she is not only on her own feet but also lives proudly with an associate independently  Parveen, a mother of 3 children was a victim of domestic violence daily. After having tried a number of available resources unsuccessfully she came to CMM. Along with shelter and regular counseling today she is back home with her husband and family intact. Now she is not only economically independent but also capable of facing difficulties and overcoming them on her own. Today she often comes back with more cases like hers to empower.6/5/2012 CMM, Pune 8
  9. 9. CMM , Pune  Expectations  Monetary help for infrastructure building  Sponsorship for Swavalamban training  Volunteers For  Assistance to various projects on field like training of women, supervision, counseling  Organizing camps for prevention of trafficking of young girls at grass root level  Supporting daily needs  Maintenance of web site and publications6/5/2012 CMM, Pune 9

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  • LavanyareddyBeerelli

    Jul. 29, 2021

Chaitanya Mahila Mandal strongly believes that by helping one woman, in turn she helps another hundred. By increasing this chain they in turn hope to benefit society.Presenter is Mrs Jyoti Pathania. Check out the video here:


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