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FTFCU - How to Become a Data Driven Organization


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FTFCU - How to Become a Data Driven Organization

  1. 1.
  2. 2. 1. Hear from experts on how to best enable organizations to be Data Driven 2. Learn the tricks of the trade to Simplify your Self Service BI Roll out 3. Identify the potential pit falls ahead and save implementation costs If you or your organization is dealing with…. 1. Data Growth and Increasing Reliance of Data ( Traditional and Big Data) 2. BI need is obvious, but need a workable plan 3. In the process of implementing BI, but run into roadblocks
  3. 3. 89 percent of respondents said that they believed PWC Study : 32% among 1,135 senior leaders in organizations say QuinStreet study : 60 percent and 70 percent of companies say “big data and analytics will revolutionize business operations in the same way the Internet did.” In 2015, Big decision making at their company as highly data driven Are already using big data analysis to enhance the speed, simplicity, and accuracy of their decision making.
  4. 4. Hyper Growth Compliance Reason Operational Excellence Another Reason….
  5. 5. • Decisions • Insights( past trends, emerging trends, and predictions of future state ) • Actions Actionable Insights Predictive Analytics + Visualization
  6. 6. Iterative – Value demonstration through Visualization
  7. 7. Dilemma Industry Observation Plan it Right Client Investment Guidance Do I need ETL/Data warehouse ? Data Platform enablement should be driven by need like performance E.g. Networking Giant Platform and Dashboard Enablement are parallel activities Document business case before considering ETL or Warehouse Clean the Data before investing in BI ? Data is never clean enough. To clean the data, you need to know the data. E.g. Various Clients Data governance and cleansing needs to be a periodic process. Explore the Data. Cleaning is a continuous governance process. Set up Center of Excellence How to get Good Dashboards ? Business Understanding + Data Understanding + Tableau Understanding = Good Dashboards E.g. Retail Company Host Workshops and Trainings to bring the three pieces together. Invest in Workshops and Training your employees Above 3 needs parallel
  8. 8. • 9th largest Credit Union in the country (based on asset being managed) • 380,000 Members, Primarily US focused • Serve leading technology-oriented companies including Microsoft, Intel, HP, Cisco and many more • Founded in the 1950s • Dynamic management team with an aspiration to become America’s most admired credit union
  9. 9. Vision Strategy Measure Execution We Used this framework to document our direction and Executive Buy In Grow strategically by creating amazing member experiences and engineering operational excellence Create personalized and engaging member/prospect experience across all channels and enable operations to have insights into member/prospect interactions leading to accelerated growth Member Growth Operational Excellence Member Experience People Member Growth Operational Excellence Member Experience People S V M E
  10. 10. Business Intelligence Marketing Automation Web Analytics & Targeting • Drive personalized engagement across multi-channel based on insights • Closed loop, automated Reports and Dashboards
  11. 11. Employees Members and Prospects Traditional Channel E.g. Web, Mobile BranchCall Center Digital Investments & Insurance Web Analytics OSI MRM Lending QB I-3 Maxarr PSCU Cview DB Touche Social Listening, Survey* Online Banking OAO Akcelerant eFlow Satmatrix Live Chat* Experian and Others … Other Third Party Third Party Sites E.g. Paid Ad Data Management Platform E.g. Centralized Database, Modeling, etc Email & Branch Campaigns 3rd Party Site Campaigns Operational Channels E.g. E-Alerts Social Campaigns Visualization & Analytics (BI Tools)
  12. 12. Technology • Deploy full platform for business intelligence, data visualization, Marketing Automation and Web Analytics/Target • Build appropriate integrations to bring in relevant data to execute and show quick results in agile manner Process • Agile Development • Enable robust governance process for data management • Provide Management consulting advice on Roadmap definition • Corporate training leading to empower business units for self-service BI People • Build a team of high energy, passionate and driven people who can really make a difference and impact the top line and bottom line • Build deep relationship with Consulting partner who bring in industry best practices
  13. 13. Analytics COE Deposits Power Users Contact Center Power Users Consumer Lending Power Users Investments Power Users Mortgage Power Users Finance Power Users Operations Analytics COE Responsibilities • Data Governance • Tools and Technologies • Training • Best Practices • Terms and Terminologies Power Users Responsibilities • Get Advance Training • Guide fellow analysts in appropriate usage of technologies and data • Deal with day-to-day business issues
  14. 14. • Enabled Self Service BI Platform • Tableau DEV/stage/prod setup • Alteryx environment setup • Data governance model • Salesforce integration • Customer Lifetime Value model design • Roadmap definition • Statistical modeling ; geo spatial
  15. 15. visualization predictive analytics
  16. 16. 1. Address the elephants in the room – E.g. disagreement could be a DW platform selection 2. Divide work into bite-sized chunks that can be executed and funded within your company culture 3. Leverage what you have – Unless there is a significant gap 4. Articulate a clear business value – Must be viewed by the business as creating value 5. Avoid the miracle first year – There will be many “immediate needs”; don’t overpromise Becoming data driven is a journey and not a project
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