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  1. 1. An Ilocano Epic BIAG NI LAM-ANG
  2. 2. • Don Juan • Namongan • Lam-ang • Ines Cannoyan • Sumarang
  3. 3. A Summary…
  4. 4. Centuries ago, there was a great warrior who was widely known in Ilocos as a hero who fought the Igorots. When Lam-ang was born, he had the most unusual ability to speak immediately at birth. He asks where his father was, and, upon being told that his father was killed by Igorots, Lam-ang vows revenge; a vendeta is born. Lam-ang grows up immediately, and goes up into the mountains to take his vengeance. Alone, he fights off dozens of Igorot warriors, defeating them all. He cuts off the ears of the warriors, as trophies, and returns to Ilocos. He then meets and is captivated by a beautiful woman named Ines, and he immediately falls in love. He pledges to her all of his gold, land, and livestock. As the most beautiful woman in the province, Ines has many suitors, but all quietly gave way to Lam-ang, since they knew that they could not compete with him for her affections. All, except for a giant of a man named Sumarang, who would not yield. Lam-ang and Sumarang fight and Lam-ang wins, easily defeating Sumarang. Lam-ang and Ines are married in the largest wedding feast that ever been seen in the province. In order to secure the union’s blessing, Lam- ang is told that he must dive down to the very depths of the sea and retrieve a pearl from a magical oyster, otherwise the marriage would have bad luck. (Other versions say that Lam-ang went to catch a rare fish called rarang.) Lam-ang dives into the sea and on his way down, is eaten by a fearsome fish called the Berkaken. Heartbroken, Ines goes into mourning, as did most of the town, as Lam- ang was their hero. The next day, Lam-ang’s rooster, who had magical
  5. 5. The turning points of Lam-ang’s life:
  6. 6. Namongan gave birth to Lam-ang. Lam-ang made revenge to the Igorots for his father. Lam-ang’s journey to the town of Calanutian. Lam-ang’s fulfillment of the trial given by Ines Cannoyan’s parents. His resurrectio n after his adventure with the tioan-tioan shark.
  7. 7. Pagan Cultural Elements or Ilocano Customs and Traditions
  8. 8. • Preparation of bamboo shoots before giving birth • Wearing of wild carabao’s amulet, centipede’s amulet, stone of sagang, stone of tangraban and lao-laoigan • Tribal wars and revenge • Domestication of animals like rooster and dog • Tradition of diving for the shellfish, rarang
  9. 9. Christian Cultural Elements
  10. 10. • The sacrament of Baptism • Having godfather or godparents during baptism • Celebration of feasts • Resurrection from death • Church wedding or church ceremonies
  11. 11. Biag ni Lam-ang and Hudhud hi Aliguyon
  12. 12. Biag ni Lam-ang Hudhud hi Aliguyon NATIONHOOD Compared to Hudhud hi Aliguyon, Lam-ang did not just competed with the other tribes but as the same time with the Spaniards. Thus, the epic portrays the presence of the Spaniards during Lam- ang’s time. Nationhood is not manifested in the story because the Filipinos were not united and tribal wars still occur. Tribal wars also existed in the story. The battle was between Aliguyon and Pumbakhayon. They have the same strength and it is the reason why the war lasted for 3 years. They cannot defeat each other. But, in the end, both their tribes agreed to be at peace. Thus, nationhood can be seen in the story because the tribes united in the end.
  13. 13. Biag ni Lam-ang Hudhud hi Aliguyon GENDER Patriarchal system is observed. Just the same with other epics, men are considered superior because of the existence of battles. But unlike Hudhud hi Aliguyun, a more formal way of courtship was emphasized which manifests a great respect to women. Patriarchal system is also observed. Men are considered superior. It is because they are the one who go to battles. This tradition is manifested in the scene where Aliguyon curses his mother and at the same time he didn.t listen to his mother’s advice.

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