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Intro to FabFoundry - Ecosystem for Hardware Startups

FabFoundry gives you "speed" with the ecosystem for hardware startups

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Intro to FabFoundry - Ecosystem for Hardware Startups

  1. 1. FabFoundry Gives you “speed” Ecosystem for Hardware Startups Nob Seki, Founder
  2. 2. Speed must be an ultimate weapon for startups
  3. 3. But “Speed” is Sacrificed by Micromanaging Subcontractors Yeah, it's working! • Can be costly • Can be unstable • Can be ad-hoc components All the products must work • Must have cost controlled • Must have quality assured • Must have components sourced Why micromanaged? Few supply-chain experts are available ≠
  4. 4. We Democratize Supply-Chain Expertise We connect the world’s best supply-chain experts to startups Japan China Taiwan S Korea ”Japan is a supply chain superpower” – Supply & Demand Chain Executive
  5. 5. Hardware Startups’ Buying Capacity Grows as $2.5B Invested in 2014 in US $1,000 $1,300 $1,700 $1,900 $1,900 $2,600 $0 $500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 $2,500 $3,000 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Millions CAGR: 21% $400B Market Source: Electronics market research firm IHS iSuppli Outsourced electronics manufacturing worldwide in 2014 $2.5B Invested Venture Investment in Electronics & Computer Hardware in U.S.
  6. 6. We Hire Experts to Connect Startups to Suppliers in Two Phases Management fee • Controlled break-even Capital gain • May be zero; Unreliable Subscription from startups • Flat monthly fee to retain experts Sponsoring/advertising • Suppliers promote solutions Sales commissions • Success fee from suppliers Phase 1 Build trusted Community via Seed Accelerator Phase 2 Leverage Community via Online Marketplace $ ?? $$ $$$ $$$ Revenues
  7. 7. Building Community of Startups & Experts by Face-Face + Online Kyoto NYC Startups meet experts Startups connect experts to Community Startups consult with experts on supply-chain Experts come to NYC to promote suppliers Seed Accelerator Online Marketplace Sponsored Events Building Community Experts Suppliers Startups
  8. 8. Strategic Partnership Brings Fund & Experts to Community • Seed Fund (~$50M) • Backed by 100+ factories w/experts • Helps Kyoto City to partner with New York City on hardware startups Kyoto NYC Startups meet experts Startups connect experts to Community Startups consult with experts on supply-chain Experts come to NYC to promote suppliers We take equity and a Board position Seed Accelerator Online Marketplace Sponsored Events Building Community • Incubating 50+ hardware startups • NYC’s initiative In talks on strategic partnership
  9. 9. Team for Ecosystem Building NOB SEKI FOUNDER & CEO Serial tech entrepreneur; ran & sold Six Apart; MBA from Carnegie Mellon MITSU SUWA CO-FOUNDER Co-founder of FabCafe & its parent Loftwork; MA from SVA MASA OKUNISHI SR. ENGINEER DevOps at ZocDoc; Founder of Japan NYC Startups Meetup Started network of 300+ web agencies; connector of startups in Japan & US MD of Makers Boot Camp Led network of 25K+ creators; grew FabCafe in 8 cities of 6 countries Helped ZocDoc grow & scale; Grew meetup to 1000+ members in a year
  10. 10. Angel Investors to Date Co-founded 3 tech companies, served as CEO of each. Led an IPO for Syntellect in 1990. Distinguished Career Professor of Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon Univ. Nob’s Mentor TOM EMERSON BOARD MEMBER & INVESTOR Director of Kumon Center of The New Institute for Social Knowledge and Collaboration at Tama Univeristy. Board member of Enish. Former Professor of the University of Tokyo SHUMPEI KUMON BOARD MEMBER & INVESTOR Founder & CEO of Perspective Media. Media Advisor for LDP. Chief Editor for Nikkei Venture, MIT’s Tech Review Japan. New York’s Correspondent for Nikkei HIDEHIKO KOGUCHI EXECUTIVE ADVISOR & INVESTOR Co-founder & CEO of GENOVA, digital solution agency specialized in medical industry. His company also made investment. TOMOKI HIRASE INVESTOR Co-founder & CEO of AIM, software & service company including music & live performance database HIROYASU WATANABE INVESTOR
  11. 11. Milestones to Build Marketplace Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Accelerator Batch #1 Marketplace Usability interviews Marketplace Prototyping 2016 2017 Accelerator’s Application Accelerator Batch #2 Marketplace Testing w/Batch #2 Experts Testing w/Beta Testers Experts Hiring & Training Experts Testing w/Batch #2 Marketplace Closed Beta Testing Experts Popup Shop in NYC Prototype Marketplace + Hire & Train Experts + Accelerator Partnership b/w Kyoto & NYC Accelerator’s Application
  12. 12. We Build Community that is Trusted Kyoto City New York City Starting From Two Cities… Nob Seki, Founder
  13. 13. Marketplace Demo •