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Mobilising collective intelligence to tackle the COVID-19 threat

Presentation by Peter Baeck, Nesta, during the Rencontre du Genève Lab on November 12, 2020

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Mobilising collective intelligence to tackle the COVID-19 threat

  1. 1. @nesta_uk Mobilising collective intelligence to tackle the COVID-19 threat 12 November 2020 Peter Baeck Centre for Collective Intelligence Design, Nesta @peterbaeck
  2. 2. @nesta_uk What I’ll cover – Introducing Collective Intelligence Design – A CI response to COVID19 – Managing the next crisis through better crowd and institution collaboration
  3. 3. Center for Collective Intelligence Design
  4. 4. Collective intelligence (CI) is created when people work together, often with the help of technology, to mobilise a wider range of information, ideas and insights to address a challenge. Making deliberate choices that optimise the collective power of groups is known as collective intelligence design what is collective intelligence?
  5. 5. An old idea… … reimagined
  6. 6. Advancing collective intelligence through experiments, research, building new networks and helping public institutions and NGOs use CI methods
  7. 7. AI + Human Collective Intelligence
  8. 8. Future opportunities in healthcare, tackling misinformation, creativity and how we empower communities to address the climate crisis machines-tales-future/
  9. 9. Designing collective intelligence projects and our work with the UNPD
  10. 10. 1. Predicting and modelling outbreaks 2. Citizen Science 3. Real-time monitoring and information 4. Social media mining projects 5. Serious games 6. Open source test kits 7. Sharing knowledge
  11. 11. Predicting the pandemic and modelling outbreaks ● Blue Dot - Using AI, traditional and novel sources of citizen data ● Good Judgement, using crowd predictions to understand what will happen next
  12. 12. Citizen Science ● - an online game aimed at building a protein that could block the virus from infiltrating human cells. ● Covid-19 and you. Citsci project to understand How the pandemic affecting peoples day to day life?
  13. 13. onavirus-seven-ways-collective-in telligence-is-tackling-the-pande mic-133553 tive-intelligence-and-smart-city/ https://distributeddesign. eu/viral-design-book/
  14. 14. Preparing for the next crisis. Designing for better crowd and institution collaboration
  15. 15. Using Collective Intelligence to Solve Public Problems. Analysis of 30 detailed case studies of using CI in public services and practical guide
  16. 16. Questions