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Практически съвети за AdSense оптимизация - Огнян Попов


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Практически съвети за AdSense оптимизация - Презентация на Огнян Попов от Commission Share за SEO конференция 2014

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Практически съвети за AdSense оптимизация - Огнян Попов

  1. 1. Google AdSense optimization tips Oggy Popov Interactive Share – Digital Agency SEO Conference 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria
  2. 2. Agenda A few questions AdSense – the definition AdSense in Bulgaria 2 ways to more clicks A few examples Golden tips Questions
  3. 3. A few questions before we start How many have an active AdSense account How many have never used AdSense How many have traffic -+ 10 000 visits/day How many are active outside Bulgaria/have traffic from outside How many want #ОСТАВКА
  4. 4. Today Discussion Ask your questions! Give you golden tips
  5. 5. AdSense: the definition WIKIPEDIA: Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on a per-click basis
  6. 6. AdSense in Bulgaria the good news In 2012, AdSense paid out 7 billion USD to publishers: yes, you too can make money from AdSense From last year AdSense started to pay out to bank accounts in Bulgaria too (no cheques anymore) AdSense has the largest pool of advertisers in Bulgaria, both big and small, so many different advertisers for your site, thus higher chances for someone to click
  7. 7. AdSense in Bulgaria the bad news No Google Adsense manager for Bulgaria - draw your conclusions Talking to AdSense support = talking to a robot Talking to AdSense policy team = talking to a robot Sooner or later you need to talk to someone at Google AdSense. The question is how/who?
  8. 8. The CLICK 2 ways to more clicks
  9. 9. More traffic / more impressions SEO (takes time, risky, results may be temporary) Your social media pages (but what if you are small?) Paid traffic (advertising, social media ads, partnerships): watch out for quality. Who uses paid traffic? Email traffic: don’t spam! Who uses email to drive traffic? Which platform? Extend your business model ( More ad units (free)
  10. 10. The problem with getting more traffic is that this usually means it will cost you money!
  11. 11. Higher CTR Start with the numbers ad unit report now you see which ad units actually perform remove bad ad units, they drag down account performance ad size report ‘’OMG, what was I thinking’’
  12. 12. Higher CTR Better ad placement close to content in the content I know some of you hate this, but it`s true custom formats Even more freedom to play around with placements mobile specific ad units How many have optimized their mobile pages for AdSense?
  13. 13. Simple rule: you can not expect more clicks if your placements are away from where the user is on your site
  14. 14. Higher CTR 2 problems your user / community Almost nobody likes ads Google AdSense policy team is watching you
  15. 15. The difference between a very good ad implementation and an implementation which violates the Google AdSense policy, is absolutely vague. Try to use common sense and do not risk too much.
  16. 16. Let`s see some examples
  17. 17. GOLD FOR FREE
  18. 18. Ad units and reporting Please give your ad units accurate names Homepage_top_right_300_250 08-09-12 This will help you when you analyze reports!
  19. 19. Channels and targeting Use channels for your ad units and enable them for targeting by the advertisers This will help your revenue since advertisers will want to target your site and will naturally increase competition!
  20. 20. Text/Image ads Enable both text and image ads for your ad units I know some of you may hate this This will increase the competition on your ad unit and thus raising your earnings per click
  21. 21. Mobile Optimize your mobile version TODAY 320-50 / 300-250 Mobile sticky format will soon be available to all, test it Mobile ads take a larger % of the screen in comparison to desktop ads. Mobile CTR is fantastic so make sure to do this. Be careful, do not over-do it !
  22. 22. Experiments (BETA) Easy to use test ad text colors, fonts and backgrounds keep an eye on the results My ads >> content >> experiments Experiments are automatic tests that Google AdSense does for you. Use them with great care!
  23. 23. Ad sizes Delete 468-60 250-250 buttons, 125-125 or other weird formats link units are a disaster (look bad, perform bad, why use them?) Use 300-250 / 336-280 728-90 160-600 300-600 (only 1 per page, Tiger)
  24. 24. Custom Search ads See example very high CTR lower revshare (51%) look good on search pages of your site You must apply : search Google for AdSense custom search ads
  25. 25. Policy AdSense text ads arrows make sure your site navigation is not confusing the user Dropdown menu or popups make sure they don`t go over any ad element Content filter you don’t want to get banned for a pair of boobs
  26. 26. Analytics In-page Analytics (heat map) where does the user click? Content drilldown which are the most visited pages? where does the user stay the longest? Connect AdSense with Analytics gives you an idea of the revenue you get from each page Not 100% accurate in my experience, but still worth it
  27. 27. Content Article / Detail page Category pages Video pages Photo pages Comments section Each page counts
  28. 28. MOST IMPORTANT THING Run reports, analyze, brainstorm optimizations Test new placements, colors, sizes Be proactive
  29. 29. If you know a place where you can earn money without doing anything, call me !!
  30. 30. Just like anything in life: If you don’t put energy and passion in it, you will never get the results you dream of!
  31. 31. Thank you!