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Welcome to Professional Communication and Presentation Online (Infographic)

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This infographic accompanies the video introduction to PCP Online.

Welcome to Professional Communication and Presentation Online (Infographic)

  1. 1. This course is... This month, you’ll learn that... PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION & PRESENTATION Welcome to COURSE BASICS A PRESENTATION IS A 3-LEGGED STOOL Strong, persuasive content Well-designed visual story Engaging and natural delivery To practice this method, you’ll... DEVELOP ONE MAJOR PROJECT THE IGNITE PRESENTATION 20 AUTO-PROGRESSING SLIDES X 15 SEC/SLIDE What Is An Ignite? INCLUDES STORYTELLING 5 MINUTES ORIGINAL AND INNOVATIVE TOPIC } 300 LEVEL 100 200 300 }- “UPPER LEVEL” - ADVANCED - WORK-INTENSIVE ENC STA PCP COMPREHENSIVE 720 hours in one month 60 hours of “class” 120 hours of work WORK-INTENSIVE PCP Work: 24-30 hours/week 168 hours in a week } Each week, you’ll... Course Structure WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 Topic/Focus Analysis Application Presentation Content Presentation Slides Presentation Delivery Putting it all together Self-Analysis Extra Credit: Slideshare Presentation Extra Credit: TED Talk Ignite Checklist Develop content for Ignite speech Develop slides for Ignite speech Dress rehearsal for Ignite speech Submit the final Ignite speech ANALYZE A SPEECH OR SLIDEDECK DEVELOP ONE “LEG” OF THE IGNITE Use your outline to build your slides; use your slides and outline to help you rehearse! IGNITE SUCCESS TIP To succeed... A great presentation is visionary. The PCP team is ready to help you communicate your vision! Complete all activities thoroughly and completely. Most of your grade in PCP-O comes from discussions and Ignite work;. 90% Read your course textbook, Resonate. If you haven’t received a book by day one, read the course FAQs for help! Study your lessons and attend GoTo Trainings. Can’t attend? No worries. Check out the archives on FSO. PCP Lessons Most importantly! * Ask questions; collaborate with your class and instructor. PARTICIPATE Visionary image by Stool Designed by Megan Strickland Pocket Watch designed by Kenneth Appiah from The Noun Project Flame designed by Nadav Barkan from The Noun Project Campfire designed by Victor from The Noun Project Theater designed by Jonathan C. Dietrich from The Noun Project Robot designed by Simon Child from The Noun Project Microphone designed by Diego Naive from The Noun Project Layout designed by Manav Dhiman from The Noun Project Check List designed by Sabine Wollender from The Noun Project flow chart Designed by Gustavo Cordeiro Speech designed by Juan Pablo Bravo from The Noun Project Presentation designed by Joris Hoogendoorn from The Noun Project Ribbon Designed by Clément thorez France 2013 Resonate book by Duarte Design Teacher designed by Juan Pablo Bravo from The Noun Project Question designed by Martin Delin from The Noun Project Apple by Thomas Dupeyrat, from The Noun Project Shirt designed by Ilia Sokolov from The Noun Project A course on presentation development, design, and delivery. BE PROFESSIONAL Submit work on time, follow directions, and communicate professionally.
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This infographic accompanies the video introduction to PCP Online.


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