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L01 Introduction


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Technology is one of the factors of change. When new disruptive technology is introduced, it can change industries. We have many examples of that and will start this journey it one of the most important innovation that has come in our lifetimes, the smartphone. We will explore the impact of the smartphone and the fate of existing companies at the time when iPhone, the first smartphone as we know them, was introduced to the world.

We will also look at other examples from history. Then we look at the broader picture, past industrial revolutions and the one that we are experiencing now, the fourth industrial revolution. Specifically we look briefly at the technologies that fuel this revolution, for example artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, internet of things and more.

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L01 Introduction

  1. 1. NEW TECHNOLOGY 2020
  3. 3. Technology
  4. 4. People say we will experience more change due to technology in the next 2-3 decades than we have in 2-300 years
  5. 5. The Long View Technical Revolutions span generations — 50 to 100 years Source: Carlota Perez 1760 19801780 1800 1820 1840 1860 1880 1900 1920 1940 1960 Arkwright’s mill in Cromford, 1771 Industrialiation Water dams Steam Manchester- Liverpool Rocket line, 1829 Railways Steam Engine Carnegie Bessemer steel, Pittsburg, 1875 Electricity Steel Ford’s model T, Detroit, 1908 Oil Cars Mass production Motion Pictures Phone Photographs Radio Intel örgjörvinn, Santa Clara, 1971 Computers PC Automation Transform societies
  6. 6. Industrial 
 Revolutions Water and steam powered factories Second Industrial Revolution Electricity harnessed to power factories, light up houses, home appliances Information Revolution Information technology used to automate processes
  7. 7. Built on the smartphone, software and cloud computing — in real-time The Age of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Internet of Things The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  8. 8. A revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another Its scale, scope, and complexity is unlike anything humankind has experienced before The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  9. 9. „Software eats the world“
  10. 10. Intelligent Realtime Datadriven AI is here
 already Life happens in realtime Collects and uses data Software + +
  11. 11. Fourth Industrial Revolution
  12. 12. PLATFORM FOR NEW SOLUTOIONS A platform for new solutions that are more powerful and more productive — will solve problems that were not possible to solve before Fourth Industrial Revolution
  13. 13. The Smart Phone
  14. 14. 2.3 billion people carry
 smartphones Source: ITU, a16z, Benedict Evans slides
  15. 15. People touch their smartphone 2.617 times per day
  16. 16. If you don’t have a smartphone…
  17. 17. Transformation from Hierarchical to Networks
  18. 18. The 20th century society structure was hierarchical – government, companies, any form of communication Coordination cost is high
  19. 19. The 21st century society becomes a network – software connects individuals Coordination cost drops to zero
  20. 20. Any business that is built around a hierarchy with high coordination cost, 
 will be crushed 
 by a networked software solution with low coordination cost
  21. 21. Lufthansa, founded 1955 Employees: 130,000 Airplanes: 283 Easyjet, founded 1995 Employees: 11,600 Airplanes: 313
  22. 22. Coordination cost in the 21st Century
  23. 23. O2O - „Online 2 offline“ Digital world connects to the physical world Platforms connect two groups - those offering something and consumers Hosts and guests, drivers and riders, products and consumers…
  24. 24. The Gig Economy People work for others though platforms — your new boss is software Platform takes care of billing and transactions, ratings and recommendations Uber, Airbnb, Upwork, Taskrabbit, Postmates, Deliveroo…
  25. 25. Real-time Algorithms
  26. 26. Using computers used to be:
 you sit down and use the computer just as any tool
  27. 27. Today: The computer tells you what to do In real time
  28. 28. Today: The computer tells you what to do In real time
  29. 29. Rise of online ordering and delivery services
  30. 30. Everybody in a company must use smartphones — it is the new boss BOSS
  31. 31. Internet of Things
  32. 32. Thing Smart thing Processors Sensors Software Connected 
 smart thing Processors Sensors Software Source: HBR Farming system Planters Tillers Tractor Harvesters Ecosystem Internet of Things
  33. 33. Smart farming
  34. 34. Internet of Things where sensors are used to send data to the cloud to analyze information upplýsingar
  35. 35. Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer Barometer Proximity Light sensor Touch screens GPS WiFi Bluetooth GSM/CDMA Cell NFC - Near Field Camera front Camera back Sensors
  36. 36. Line between Reality and Virtual is getting blurred…
  37. 37. Augmented Reality is where digital is added
  38. 38. Microsoft HoloLens
  39. 39. Work is fundamentally changing
  40. 40. Virtual Reality — totally different world
  41. 41. VR used in Education
  42. 42. Artificial Intelligence
  43. 43. A patient is diagnosed with a rare disease – doctors cannot find the problem Tokyo University Hospital It took an AI system 10 minutes…
  44. 44. Dr. Watson went to medical school
  45. 45. AI is everywhere Search News Tracking Translating
  46. 46. Naural networks is type of AI where 
 Deep Lerning is used The networks are not programmed —they are trained to learn
  47. 47. Conversational User Interfaces
  48. 48. Robotics
  49. 49. Robotics in the 21st century Robots that see, hear and sense Robots that can communicate Powerful machines with software and internet connectivity
  50. 50. Amazon Fulfilment Center robots
  51. 51. Autonomous Cars
  52. 52. Industrial Autonomous Vehicles
  53. 53. Tesla cars have driven billions km on Autopilot
  54. 54. Cars will become work or entertainment centers
  55. 55. Reinvention of cities
  56. 56. Airbus Concept
  57. 57. What does this mean?
  58. 58. Finance Health Retail Transportation Education ? Whatever… The World is Changing
  60. 60. NEW TECHNOLOGY 2020